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Saturday, October 14, 2006
If you're just joining us, the UGA offense has been much of the same, while the Defense has looked fierce and pissed off. Chester Adams has gone down with a left ankle injury. He's heading to the back right now to get X-rays.

Vandy's third possession:

Starts at their own 20. There goes that athletic QB of Vandy that I was talking about. We give up on the pass very easily to a scrambling QB. That could hurt us in a critical situation. Moses stops a quick run. QM wants a big game so badly. It's not that he's playing under his potential, he just hasn't had the opportunities so far to make the impact. DAMN. Offsides gives Vandy 5. We're not killing ourselves on penalties and I like the GATA attitude, but we need to play smarter.

Vandy goes 3 and out and here comes the punt...Mikey made a good move and took it to the 24.

UGA's third possession:

Stafford's in the game. He throws a safe pass to Southerland to let him get settled a little. Damn that kid has an arm. He was rolling to his right and threw too strong of a pass to Demiko that couldn't connect. Vandy has decided to bring pressure probably because of Stafford being in and the Cheese being out. Time to punt again...

It's also worth noting how the announcers just made mention of how out-of-it the crowd is today. I think they're half right. Homecoming is never a rowdy game, but I know the Dawg Nation is zapped form last week.

Vandy's fourth possession:

A decent UGA punt brings the ball to the Vandy 30 where they will begin. A couple of not-worth-mentioning plays and we jump offsides again. I can hear the bugler playing in the background. Those old guys are always a blast. Damn offsides again. WHAT THE HELL...

The man-child Kade Weston makes a good play to kepe the pass from getting off. Weston is going to turn into a helluva player in time. Damn, another penalty, but this time not against us. This is a VERY sloppy contest so far. The crowd has woke up. C.J. Byrd jumps a good route to break up the pass.

Vandy punts...Good coverage drops Henderson immediately.

UGA's fourth possession:

More running the ball so far. They're measuring but there's no need. We've got it. After a pass that really showed how weak Joe T.'s arm can be, Southerland runs the ball with all heart. I'd hate to be a defender against that guy. Not since J.T. Wall have we had a fullback that dominates in that way.

Play action opens up the perfect TD strike to Martrez Milner who makes a soft catch. WHAT A GREAT PLAY ALL AROUND.

PAT is good and the Dawgs are up 10-0.

Some thoughts on that possession...The Dawgs looked good with their blocking and especially with some longer pass plays. Joe T. showed lack of arm strength on the pass to Mo Mass, but he showed maturity with the touch on the pass to Martrez.

Vandy's fifth possession:

Vandy gets a helluva return on the play and one of the sideline coaches gets LEVELED. That was funny and one big hit.

Vandy starts at the 49. Vandy has hit a couple of good plays (passes) which has driven the ball a good 20-25 yards. Safety blitz is coming and almost breaks up the double reverse, which got 5 yards. Vandy picks up another first and it looks like they are going to get at least some points out of this, but they're moving the ball at will right now.

And as soon as I type that, Vandy tosses a PRETTY pass to Earl Bennett (their stud) for a TD. We came apart on that drive. PAT is good.

UGA still leads 10-7, but the game is very different all of a sudden (you like my Munson impression?)

UGA's fifth possession:

The wind is still blowing pretty heavily and for the second time, it's been blown off the tee. Is it just me or do you want to see a Charlie Brown type move where the kicker completely misses the ball?

The ball is kicked into the wind over TB's head, but he takes it anyway and gets to the 15. As J@y Jones used to say "That just makes it look that much more impressive when we go 85 yards to score."

The No Huddle has come out as we try to get some points before the half . I just saw the old cheerleader Jen on the TV. She dated a friend of mine for a while and is one helluva girl. Hell, she even looks better than she used to. Damn I'm single.

TB gets a HELLUVA RUN to take it about 20 yards upfield. The offense suddenly doesn't look so impotent. We're wearing Vandy down 5-10 yards at the time. Munson is in full swing right now. Brown is running like a beast right now. Who knows if any other HBs will get carries today as long as he keeps running like this. A fan makes a good catch on a pass by Joe T. out of the tackle box. The O-line is getting a little disrupted here on two consecutive plays.

After the time out, the Dawgs are back in the huddle. We really need 7 here. We ran a good slant to Mo Mass to get the ball to the 4. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? I guess CMR just said "get the points" and let's get the ball back after the half.

Bailey's kick is good.

UGA's on top going into the half 13-7.

More to come, I'm going to go get lunch so i might miss the first couple of series, but I'll update when I get back.