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Thursday, October 19, 2006
And I still need to update the links...

Sorry, I'm bad about that and I just remembered that I forgot to remember. Shit happens.

Anyway, you know what we need? We need a "W."

I meant the win. This kind of "W" wins by abolishing terrorism (I.E. Georgia Tech).

It's a Dawg vs. Dog world this coming Saturday. Let me start off by saying that I'm a fan of Sylvester Croom. It's rare nowadays to have a coach try and reinstate discipline into a program before he reinstates winning. That sounds idiotic, but we also have to understand that young men turn into grown men on the football field and some of these kids don't have father figures. I'd much rather see a kid learn something while playing his heart out and lose than to learn nothing, leave college without a degree, and blow out his knee in his first year in the NFL. There is a life after football.

Anyway, I digress. Croom is of the mindset that MSU needs a ton of work in order to turn it into a winner. He is exactly right in this idea. Jackie Sherrill and Lou Holtz could single handedly fuck up half of the NCAA if given enough time. It's a damn shame that Croom was brought into a situation where he may or may not have been given enough time to succeed. MSU stands by their original statement that they are aware this program will take time to turn around, but how long with the alumni deal with losing? It may be really bad PR, but if Croom doesn't get his marquee win that he seems to get every year, he might be approaching his last sting in a maroon polo.

MSU really has no strengths this year. They have a fair-to-bad everything on every side of the ball. Their starting QB got hurt in their debut and is just now getting his bearings back. The truth is, they just don't have the talent to get the job done against the Dawgs this weekend.

However, if they want it more, we might be in for a struggle.

In true broken record style, I will repeat that this Dawg team is currently playing without its number one starter in "Heart."

Maybe a ring would help...

"Heart" has been hurt for a while and has sat out for most of the year while the Dawgs try to fight through games on the way to a 5-2 season thus far. "Heart" also had a huge setback last week when he was hurt in practice in between UT and Vandy. He wasn't seen for a while, until he returned to practice this week roughly around the same time CMR announced Stafford the starter and Joe T. took it like a true Dawg.

My idea is the Dawgs are feeling the need for a huge win as much as anyone else in any program across the nation. The panic button hasn't been hit, but we are looking at it and wanting to push it really badly. My prediction is the Dawgs actually try this week to hit on all cylinders no matter what it takes.

I don't predict a huge Dawg win, but I think if we can stay agressive on both sides of the ball, pressure MSU's young QB, and find a way to want to put up points in style, we might just walk away with a convincing win. If we stumble into this game, we might be in for a rough time in Athens.

The Dawgs don't return to Sanford until Georgia Tech after this contest. I would fully expect us to give the city and the team something to build on for the rest of the season.

Dawgs win.

Predicted score:
UGA -- 37
MSU -- 16

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).