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So far today I've had 84 unique IP hits to the site. It's been amazing how since the beginning of the season, the traffic of this site has grown. Many thanks to PWD, The King, The Gunslingers, all the links to the right, and all the lurkers that have made me feel this whole thing has been worth doing.

Now that I've officially put on the tutu, it's time to take it off. This isn't the kind of post you want a pastor to read.

You've been warned....

I came across the Stingtalk board earlier through a link on and saw this pearl of fucking wisdom in response to an earlier, FRIENDLY post from a UGA fan who was COMPLIMENTING how Tech played earlier in the day...

"Again every time this guy posts I wonder why a ball licker is on our board. Go post on BarkTalk or whatever your imbecile board is called. Reggie wannabe thug? Give me a break, he is an incredible field general who has a heart that none of your players will ever have. Enjoy the beatdown my Gators will lay on you at the cocktail party and then you can relish in the loss that our Ramblin' Wreck will hand you in late November. Unless you are going to post something intelligent, get the hell out of here."

By the way, it's worth mentioning that this dumbass goes by the handle "TechGator1066."
So there I sit, reading that pile of cow shit wrapped in the english language when it dawns on me AGAIN why I hate Tech so much. Look, Dawg fans can be as brutal as anyone when loving their team unconditionally, but we do things that Tech fans haven't done in a while, like travel to BCS Bowl Games, win conference championships, be RANKED, be ranked higher than 20, be ranked higher than 10, be ranked in the top three, etc., etc.

I fucking hate the Nerd Herd. Hell, there's nothing better I'd like to do than to get that guy face to face and tell him that:

1) Reggie Ball is a no-talent ass clown who can't count to four, can't see over his offensive linemen, and is only known for throwing to Calvin Johnson, which he JUST FIGURED OUT IN THE LAST GAME

2) Tech players don't have heart because they have no rallying force. I DARE you to point out to me a single Tech STARTER who plays the game to play the game. Calvin Johnson is the face of your program and he only chose Tech because he couldn't be a part of a TEAM and wait his turn (I.E. UGA).

I'd pay to hear any terrorist (I.E. Tech student) tell me how playing VT means anything. Look, VT is trying to find an identity just like Tech is trying to win the weak-ass ACC. It turns out that VT caught a bad case of the GT and lost when they were the favorites to win. VT should turn to GT and ask them what it feels like to have bad shit happen to them in a clutch situation. GT could offer grand advice on that, but most of it would start with "See, it was Thursday night...."

Thankfully, GT finally won a game that *means something.* Hell, all season long the only thing Tech could say is they lost to a very overrated Notre Dame team. Congrats fuck-sticks, there's something to be proud of.

"But Ugag hasn't played anyone." Shut the fuck up. We've played two SEC ROAD games, the defending Big 12 North Champion, a team that gave Oklahoma a run for its money IN NORMAN, and WE'RE STILL UNDEFEATED. Can't say that shit can ya?

Admit it Tech, it's finally gotten to the point where you need to cheer for other SEC teams to be UGA because you can't do it yourself. It's like hoping your friend scores with the fine chick because you know you'll never have a shot.

I'm sick and tired of having to deal with Tech giving itself "the stranger" when hoping UGA gets beaten. If you can't do it yourself and be pleased with it, sitting on your hand isn't going to make you feel any better. You get my drift?

Grow a pair, strap on the pads and shut your fucking mouth.

I hate Tech...and I really, truly mean that.

And you know what? To hell with the Dawgs playing with heart. They need bulletin board material like this. It's time for us to strap on the pads ourselves and hit someone in the mouth. It's time for Lumpkin to put his brutal stiff arm down someone's throat. It's time for Mo Mass to finally catch one and take it the distance.

Heart comes after we've established ourselves to be men on the field.

It's time to kick some ass.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
Who seriously roots for two teams? Oh, that's right...he must NOT have even gone to college. You cant even tell his ignorant ass to go play with his calculator....

Anonymous phr34k/Tim said...
I love you Kit...truly i do..:D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Tears...*sniff*...that was beautiful....

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was going to suggest some anger management. But then I thought, there are worse things you can do on the internet (see: Mark Foley, Rep. Fla).

Blogger Matt T said...
That's why Tech sucks.

They are 'player haters'.

More worried about rooting against others than caring for themselves. Its very sad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i'm the same guy that commented on your most recent post. i go to georgia tech. and as a 5th year senior, i have a little more experience than most of the idiots that talk shit around here. i'm gonna do it again, and say great post, and ask if i can repost it myself on my own link in my journal.

i've never heard people talking as much shit here as i have over the last week. and it pisses me off a lot, because we have no right to say anything after the last 5 years. but they are young, and very dumb, so you'll have to attempt to forgive them. anyone who is too dumb to realize that uga being UNDEFEATED going into the game against us is...A GOOD THING... is out of his/her mind anyway.

as for tonight against tennessee?

here's the link to my journal if you feel like checking it out or actually listening to a mildly intelligent tech fan. don't worry about what those other toolbags say