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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
This is supposed to be the best time of the year. Every year myself and a group of my closest friends head to the *bustling* metropolis of Jacksonville, Florida to watch the Dawgs and Gators get it on.

Usually I've got so much in my head that I just cannot get it all out. I've got too much shit to write and not enough time to do it. Hell, usually I've compiled joke after joke after joke to get the point across of how much I hate Florida and how THIS year is the year.

This time around, I ain't got it.

I don't think it's a state of mind regarding the state of our team. I feel surprisingly well about our chances versus Florida this year. Granted, we always catch the Gators after their bye week, but I think what hurts us the most every year is our state of mind, not the lack of rest.

But this year I just can't place focus on any one particular thing to talk about. Stafford's starting, we're appearing to break our practices down to include an emphasis on the fundamentals, and I think our Dawgs want to win this game more than us as fans do. I truly believe all the materials are there for an upset for the ages.

All that's going on, and I ain't got shit to say.

I'm excited about this weekend. I really am. I'm not apathetic towards our team and I've moved on from the last opinion I've had regarding how we're treating our players. I honestly believe the booing of Mo Mass was the beginning of the turnaround we've so desperately need.

In public relations, they call this "rally around the flag" syndrome. Put in the form of an example, compare it to 9/12 where EVERYONE was proud to be an American and displayed that fact for months after the tragedy. It is basically when one event snaps everyone back to reality.

Last Saturday was that event. I saw fans showing their ass. I saw players looking tired and confused as to why they couldn't do better. For the first time in a long time, I saw the beginning of the new season. The best thing about last Saturday is that from your lowest low you can only move up. Yes, we still won the game, but our boys weren't happy and they did not play the football they intended to play at the beginning of the week.

Life is better now in Dawg land. We're working towards an identity and we're really striving to get better. I guarantee you the film room is full more hours than the players would like to admit and I know that's a good thing. We want to win Saturday because very few people, including our fans, believe we can.

I think this is going to be a great weekend and it's shifted all of my focus. That's why I can't write. I believe this game might be won on heart for the first time this year. I can't write because the X's and O's will work themselves out, but I think I know which team wants it more and I can only give you 1 guess as to who that team is. I've got a fever that even more cowbell can't cure. The only way to beat this cold is to walk away with my head held high and my arms in the air.

It's time to kick off Cocktail Party week. I hope you'll join me.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
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