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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Usually I don't respond to the comments I get on any one particular post. I just don't deem it necessary because I like to think of my blogs as my opportunity to bloviate and then opening up the discussion for those to carry on amongst themselves.

However, in the last post there were some really good points brought up. Let's break them down one by one shall we?

1. Paige said...
Amen!!GOOO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

Very well done Paige. I agree.

2. JOJO said...
I voted but i gotta admit the bama twins are gonna be tough to beat.

Again, I have to agree. I always like to see a Dawg in the "win" column, but this time, I just don't see it happening. I crafted an e-mail to the other bloggers about Big Dawg's contest and in that e-mail I basically said "I don't know if anyone can beat the Bama twins. I mean the reason is obvious...AND they're TWINS." Twins ring a special chord with men that like sex with good looking women. Good looking twins are the fundamental basis for math...two is greater than one. This is science, people. Granted, do I think the twins deserve the spotlight? No. Do I think they really try to make it to every game? Hell no. However, I want to believe they do. Hey, at least they're not the FSU Cowgirls who know jack shit about football (I think Jenn Sterger does, but seriously, what the fuck is a Fabiola?).

Either way, they'll win just because men want to sleep with them. It's the the fabric of what makes up this great nation. You should still vote anyway, though.

3. Anonymous said...
I think something that a lot of people are over looking is the fact that if Andy Bailey can make 3 field goals this team is 8-2 and probably ranked in the top 25. But he missed them all and we're 6-4. Looking back the past few seasons we were the one's making the field goals and pulling out wins and now we're on the other end of those games. Now I'm not blaming the loses on Bailey but its just something I've thought about. This is Danny Haynor, by the way and I enjoy reading your blog.

Thanks for swinging by, Danny. The real shit kicker (no pun intended) about Andy Bailey is that scholarships are awarded on a year by year basis. If I'm CMR, I'm making this kid earn his back. He's obviously not contributing towards the betterment of the team, I have the feeling he has no respect in the locker room, and he's a waste of a perfectly good free ride. Hell, I'm sure the HOPE scholarship has room for him. Yank the $$$$. Ely-Kelso for Heisman.

4. Anonymous said...
Do you have any bowl predictions for us? Do you even think we'll go to a bowl??

Again, Anonymous comments, but this time I don't think it was Danny Haynor. Yes, I do believe we'll go to a bowl and this comment was probably what inspired me to write this particular post in the first place. Here's how the bowl scenarios shake out TO ME AND JUST TO ME.

In an earlier post, PWD set out the bowl scenarios for us. Basically, we win two of the next three and we're a good shot for the Chick-fil-A (***cough-Peach-cough***) Bowl. However, one of the scenarios listed us going to the Liberty Bowl if we lose to UK (that happened) and GT (undetermined).

Here's how the "experts" have it set out:

CBS Sportsline -- Music City Bowl vs. Miami
ESPN -- Chick-fil-A Bowl vs. Maryland or Virginia Tech
College Football News -- Chick-fil-A Bowl vs. Boston College

It should be worth noting that all of these pages are current as of Nov. 5, which is after the UK loss.

The way I see it, there's no way we go to the Chick-fil-A Bowl. They have been putting up some really good matchups in the past few years and are really fighting to be a 5th BCS Bowl location. If you think I'm crazy, take a look back to January where Atlanta was the home of the Sugar Bowl. Trust me, the bowl committee wants a huge game. UGA will not fit into that category.

Of course, this is all dependant on how we finish. If we finish 8-4, then we've got a good shot, but only if we win convincingly and appear to have it put together towards the end. However, if we finish 6-6 or 7-5, I think we go to the Music City Bowl to face Miami. TV would have the Richt vs. his alma mater storyline in full effect and Dawg fans wouldn't have to travel that far.

If the Independence or Liberty choose us, then they run the risk of not selling that many Red and Black tickets to a worn out fan base. Remember, bowls are about making money. Expect the Independence and Liberty to take 'Bama and UK because of the way the teams will travel. 'Bama is closer to both and UK fans will be so excited about a bowl that they'll go any damn where.

I think the only reason the experts pick the Chick-fil-A Bowl is because they expect Florida and Auburn to both be in the BCS, with UT going to the Outback and Arkansas to the Capital One (it should be worth noting that ESPN thinks Arkansas is your next SEC Champion).

The way I see it, you have:

BCS -- UF and AU
Capital One -- Arkansas
Cotton -- LSU
Outback -- South Carolina
Chick-fil-A -- UT
Liberty -- UK
Independence -- 'Bama
Music Shitty -- UGA

I could be wrong, but that's what I see. I tell you, if our team was better, this would be a very exciting time. Everything's up in the air. This is college football.

5. Stacy said...
I agree with Danny Haynor. The reason Billy Bennett was so good was because he took advantage of opportunities to score even though we shouldn't have given him so many opportunities. But we still had winning records, so with Andy Bailey being on scholarship and BB being merely a walk-on, I see no reason for our record to be as poor as it is.

Additionally, the Bama twins blow (not literally Jojo) - they mention that they try to make it to every game. Screw that! I see Mike everywhere!

I can't disagree with you Stacy on any of those points. However, be sure to check out We Are Marshall to see former UGA hero Billy Bennett in his acting debut. The link is to his shit!

Until next time kids.

Be safe.