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Saturday, November 04, 2006
I'm sure this is breaking news, but...

We are not as good as we have been in previous years.

You can blame talent, INTs, QBs, whoever you want, but we just aren't a good football team. We would have to win the next two games to finish in the running for the Peach Bowl and with the way this team has played and is currently playing, I don't see it happening.

Here's to being done with Dawg football before Dec. 30. I guess I'll just spend more time with friends and family this year.

I want to puke.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger RocketDawg58 said...
We suck....will someone please shoot me?

Blogger JOJO said...
OK heres the story i spent my night last night reviewing UGA football games TIVO style and hee is what i noticed after 5 games of analysis.
1. Our play calling is predictable (very) im not sure what happened to CMR but this conservative crap was not how he kicked ass at FSU and its not working here. NOt to mention our redzone % is horriable.

2. Our defense is not diciplined its not the sceme guys although i like a more agressive defense the zone can work but our guys don't stay home they have no since of the concept of a moving zone or he pinch. I think a coaching change is badly needed here.

3. Our WR coach sucks and has for years they are not diciplined in the ***fun-da-mentals*** and its hurting the team and these kids by wasting their talent.

4. Stafford - im not gonna deny the talent but he has got to show more. Everyone keeps saying its youth but most of his INT's have not been not picking up coverages or timing issues or even just bad dicisions (see last int at fla.) they have been accuracy problems thats his fault. He is now into his 9th game as the primary QB we have got to start considering he might not be the great white hope but just a talented arm.

Now im gonna touch on an issue that most of you will disagree with recruiting. Here is the facts
1. HS all-everything does not equate to a good college football player and should not be expected.
2. this is CMRs 1st year with all his own talent and they are not playing even close to the hype. see #1
3. there is more to being great than talent (David Pollack) heart is a big factor as well as the ability to learn how to use your talent alot of players never do this. this is not something the get looked at much in the national HS player rankings

The next 2 years will determine what kind of coach CMR really is and whether our 2 SEC titles were just flukes because of strugling Tenn., Fla., and other schelduled teams or if this year was just a true rebuilding year.
He has to reinvigorate our base, make the necessary changes, and reevaluate our recruiting and either make changes or change the way our recruits are brought along.

All this being said im still optimistic about the Dawgs in 07 and CMR in general but there are alot of changes that must be made for us to ever be a national title contender.