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Friday, November 03, 2006
By the time most of you read this the game will already be over, but it wouldn't be Gameday without a preview.

Keys to victory:

1. Run the damn ball -- There's no "D" in Lexington at all. With Kentucky being just about last in every defensive category, and being absolutely atrocious in running defense, we just need to pound the rock as much as possible.

2. Stop the turnovers -- We don't turn the ball over, we win. I said the same for Florida and look what happened...

3. Pressure the QB -- Kentucky's O-line sucks as much as ours will next year (I'm kidding...kind of) and we have two kickass DEs ready to pad the stats before the draft season begins. It's time to live up to the hype. Also, Richt said on 750 AM this morning that a part of the defensive gameplan is to get after the QB a lot on Saturday. To that I say "About damn time."

4. Stop their special teams -- Sure, they'll be without Rafael Little, who is great, but he also had 10 blockers helping him out on every return. We've got to cover well on special teams or this could be a big concern.

****Broken Record Alert****

5. Keep your composure -- The 'Cats don't have a shitty offense this year and that means they will most likely score against us at some point. If we can respond well and stick to the gameplan (BUT MAKE ADJUSTMENTS), we'll be fine.

Predicted Score:
UGA -- 31
'Cats -- 24

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!)