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Sunday, November 05, 2006
First, the good.

On Nov. 2nd (yes, I'm a little late), "Big Dawg" Woods started his campaign to kick other fans' asses by being voted Super Fan of the Year. You know this guy. Trust me, you do.

See? I told you so.

Anyway, he swung by the tailgate at Georgia/Florida and passed out business cards with the Web site address on it so all could go and vote. Well, the staff over here at The Dawg-gone Blog took a vote and we decided to put a link to vote up above. You can vote as many times as you like and I definitely suggest you do so.

I'll be passing this along to the other bloggers as well, but I hope not to be as annoying as the "Cheerleader of the Year" crap that I've seen across the other blogs. Sorry, but it's true.

Anyway, on to the bad news...

After the Kentucky debacle I wore orange pants and a shirt with orange writing over to Blog Beer Pong This' house. The meaning behind it was because obviously something is wrong with the universe and I'm trying to offset the destruction by doing something I swore I'd never do. It's kind of like starting a controlled burn to stop a wildfire. I doubt it'll work, but desperate times...

Anyway, this team is just not good. I'm tired of kidding myself that we are. I'm not saying we suck because the talent is there, but I'm starting to truly believe this team is being out coached in all aspects of the game, especially defensively. This team is regressing instead of progressing and every other team in the SEC can smell blood in the water.

Defensively, I'm not calling for WM's head, but I'm getting there. Something has got to change. Granted, our talent is not on par with years' past, but seriously, Kentucky's offense is no where near as talented as our defense. What happened on Saturday shouldn't have happened. Plain and simple.

Speaking of which, I got Kentucky's score right.

But I didn't get UGA's and that leads me to the offense. I'm not one of those people that thinks Richt needs an OC. I'm just not that guy. I do think, however, that we've got some changes to make. Stafford is an undeniable talent, but he has got to stop making the mistakes he's making. Some of the things going wrong are mental mistakes and some are physical mistakes. They SHOULD work themselves out in time, but he's not really progressing either as I see it.

Basically, we're not finding something that works and sticking with it. When Kregg is running like a monster, why not hand him the rock after halftime? I know our O-line is banged up, but damn it, he's GOOD. Hand the ball to the guy who's GOOD.

I'm frustrated, but I refuse to give up on this team. We played a very good Florida team closely, we put it together against a good UT team, and...well, shit we haven't done much else. But I'm still of the school of thought that you never give up and you keep fighting until the bell rings.

We've still got two more rounds to go.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Paige said...

GOOO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger JOJO said...
I voted but i gotta admit the bama twins are gonna be tough to beat.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think something that a lot of people are over looking is the fact that if Andy Bailey can make 3 field goals this team is 8-2 and probably ranked in the top 25. But he missed them all and we're 6-4. Looking back the past few seasons we were the one's making the field goals and pulling out wins and now we're on the other end of those games. Now I'm not blaming the loses on Bailey but its just something I've thought about. This is Danny Haynor, by the way and I enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Do you have any bowl predictions for us? Do you even think we'll go to a bowl??

Blogger Stacy said...
I agree with Danny Haynor. The reason Billy Bennett was so good was because he took advantage of opportunities to score even though we shouldn't have given him so many opportunities. But we still had winning records, so with Andy Bailey being on scholarship and BB being merely a walk-on, I see no reason for our record to be as poor as it is.

Additionally, the Bama twins blow (not literally Jojo) - they mention that they try to make it to every game. Screw that! I see Mike everywhere!