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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thanks Weezer. I needed a title for this post that didn't involve "King."

It turns out that most time you ask people to "Say It Ain't So," something bad has happened. This time, there's really only one crappy nugget of UGA news and the rest is pretty uplifting.

So, here are your Say It Ain't So quick hits:

The bad: UGA gives up a first half of good basketball to fall to Western Kentucky in the second half. Honestly, it was a UGA vs. UT/UK/Vandy type of implosion and all it did was give me the shakes. It was like a bad dream that wouldn't stop. However....

The good....
  • Turns out that Caleb King has committed to UGA. I sent out a massive text message to EVERYONE saying how huge that was and was met with a lot of "who?" responses from Aunts and Uncles. Oops. Anyway, this is a very big deal for the Red and Black. This kid has huge upside and if he can qualify (I don't really see it being a huge problem), he is a Reggie Bush/Ted Ginn type player and has the ability to really open up the UGA offense. Also, he's got a lot of pull within the recruiting community, so he might just help us shore up the number 1 recruiting class in the nation, IF he can convince some other folks to join up.
  • Takais Brown rejoined the UGA Hoop Dawgs and successfully dropped 23 points on Valdosta State. Nothing much to say here other than 23 points, 3 dunks, and I believe he grabbed a few rebounds, but I'm unsure as to how many. Either way, he gives us a much needed addition to what I believe is an already strong UGA program. Are we NCAA tourney material? I don't think so quite yet, but we will make a splash in the SEC this year. Bank on it.
  • The UGA Women's Basketball Team keeps beating the brakes off of anyone they play. Andy Landers might have himself a fine squad on his hands this year, but I believe our season depends on how we handle LSU and Tennessee (just like every other year).

In other news, OSU beat Michigan today in a very good game. I don't care what anyone says, I really hope to have a rematch for the national championship. After watching USC almost fall apart (until the 4th quarter) against Cal, I'm not convinced they are the best team in the nation to meet up with OSU for the title. I think the media plays too strong of a role in the BCS as it is, and I just don't see an OSU/USC title game being the game that should decide the champion, regardless of how much the writers would love it. Would OSU/Florida make more sense? Maybe, but I think the best game out there is a rematch. It is what it is.

Also in other news, my Scarlett Knights got the ever-loving shit beat out of them against Cincy. I hate that for the pure fact that I love a Cinderella.

But in semi-related-because-no-one-expected-this-news, I must admit that there is no way Boise State should even be considered for a BCS Bowl. If they played anyone I would disagree, but I haven't seen them take on a top quality opponent since 2005 against UGA and we all know how that worked out. To put it bluntly, I'm tired of the BCS giving second-tier teams a shot at a good bowl when we all know that it's hype and not much else. Hell, I'll bet Georgia Tech would take Boise State to the woodshed. Anyone want to disagree with me?

So, that's all I have for right now. There should be much blogging over the next week since it's the last home/regular season game of the year and I'll have to deal without UGA football for another 8 months after the bowl. However, I must say that it's been really great having a week off and not worrying about UGA football. My liver has greatly appreciated it.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
UGA was lucky to have Boise State at home in the beginning of the 2005 season. Boise had a coach that is known for slow starts (complicated offense). To think Boise State, with a new/better coach, is the same as the upstart Boise team from the game you refer is nonsense. Bring UGA to Boise this year and the humiliation to Georgia would be devastating and long felt. Georgia wont come to Boise because they know what may very well happen. Let Georgia have the nads to come to Boise before you draw the il-informed conclusion that Georgia would beat this years Boise State's team.

Blogger Ludakit said...
I usually try not to respond in the comments section, but this one requires an immediate rebuttal.

Ok, ANONYMOUS, let's take a look at your "analysis."

1. In 2005, "Boise had a coach that is known for slow starts (complicated offense)." -- Actually, in 2005, Boise State still had Dan Hawkins and a #19 ranking in the polls. They knew the offense inside and out. They were overmatched by a much better UGA team. By the way, Dan Hawkins had been the head coach for 5 YEARS by the time they played UGA.

2. "Same upstart Boise team from the game you refer is nonsense." -- Boise wasn't an upstart when they played UGA. They were being talked about as the next Utah in the media.

3. "Let Georgia have the nads to come to Boise before you draw the il-informed conclusion that Georgia would beat this year's Boise State's team." -- No one said UGA would beat Boise this year. I said I think Georgia Tech would, and if you ask my honest opinion, I think the Dawgs would steamroll Boise if they played the same way they played against Auburn. If they played like they did against Kentucky, then we'd get our asses kicked...BY ANY TEAM IN THE NATION.

The problem I have with Boise State is that I cannot take a team seriously that doesn't schedule tough games. This year their toughest scheduled game came against powerhouse Oregon State.

Come on...seriously?

If you want respect in college football, please play tough teams. I've never been a fan of Ohio State, but after the way they've played this year, they flat out earned their ranking.

I believe the media is the problem with teams like Boise State getting the ranking they have. Are they good? Absolutely, but the media wants a BCS buster because they love controversy and they scream and cry when it doesn't happen. Personally, until Boise State earns their ranking by playing a top quality opponent, I really can't get behind Boise as a BCS buster.

We'll find out if I'm right come bowl season, won't we?