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Monday, November 27, 2006
Well, Saturday was fun. If you haven't already guessed, the Bulldog Nation and myself are still very happy over the win over Georgia Tech. I'll take 8-4. It's a lot better than where we could've been, but 10-2 (my original prediction for the year) would've been a lot more fun.

A couple of quick things to review before I move on to bowl possibilities:

1. Paul Oliver pwned CJ.
2. Why didn't Tech stick to the running game?
3. Bobo called the plays on Saturday. Hypothetically, if we lose the game, do we EVER get an OC?
4. EVERY recruit that came to the game had a blast and said UGA felt like "home." Hell, we even got a committment today because of it. An OL commit at that.

Now, here are the bowl possibilities:

1. Chick-Fil-A: I see this now as being the most likely choice, but I would still say root for Tech this Saturday in order to make that happen for sure. The bowl reps have been quite impressed with us lately and I think they see UGA filling a large portion of the Georgia Dome. In fact, I think they believe we will sell more tickets than Tech and/or Tennessee, since those are the only two teams that they would replace us with.

2. Music City: I saw this as a lock a few weeks ago, but since LSU has beaten Arkansas and therefore put themselves in a BCS bowl, it has made this less of a possibility. I see South Carolina going here.

3. Liberty: Alabama isn't going to travel so traveling far is out of the question. Memphis is the closest and would make the most sense for the bowl reps.

4. Independence: I would assume that UK goes here based on the fact that their fan base is jazzed over being able to actually go to a bowl.

5. Outback: UT to face Penn State (secretly, I REALLY want to play Penn State)

6. Capital One: Auburn to face Wisconsin (poop on this)

7. Cotton: Arkansas will go here and I believe they will face a Texas team that just lost their defensive coordinator today to Iowa State. I think this should be a helluva game.

8. Sugar: I'm going with Florida on this one. Arkansas showed a bit of a dent in their armor and I think it might mentally carry over into this Saturday's contest for the Championship.

For the record, I have no idea about LSU. I think they're a lock for the BCS, but only if Florida wins the SEC. Now let's say Florida loses. Then Arkansas goes to the BCS, but when UF clearly beat LSU earlier in the year, do you snub Florida and put LSU in one of the games? Or do you pay homage to Florida and let LSU go to another bowl?

Anyway, the whole thing is all up in the air and I really like it. It's exactly the way college football should be.

There may or may not be a lot of posting the rest of this week. I think all the bloggers in the Dawgosphere are tired. Give me a December to get my bearings and then bring on basketball season.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
Pig Sooey! I think that maybe this just helped humble them. Florida isn't that hard to figure out, and there's no way UF will be able to stop McFadden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Kit, Jay here. I want to know when you sleep, or if that doesn't I want to know what you're takin'!!!!! I just found your little "blog" section thingy on the net and thought it said some pretty good stuff.....EXCEPT THAT YOU POSTED THE DAY AFTER AND SAID NOTHING ABOUT ME GETTIN' HITCHED!!! Just joking. Listen, we are in the A-town quite often visiting the new in-laws, so we'll give you a call next time and see if we can hang out and maybe grab some dinner or something! Don't be a stranger and give me a call. Tell Jeb and all others myself and Mrs. Jones said hello.