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Thursday, November 23, 2006
There is no preview to be found here.

No talk of X's and O's.

No idea of what it's going to take to win the game on Saturday.

Only what it means to win the game on Saturday.

Being a to-the-core fan of the Dawgs requires only a few key values. You must recogize that every team we play in the SEC is some sort of rival. You must pay homage to those Dawgs that came before you, both students and athletes, and honor their traditions. You must respect Dooley and Butts. You must know what #34 means. And you must hate Tech with every ounce of your being.

Granted, the Florida game is the one game we look forward to every year. The main reason behind that is because of the most unimpressive streak I've seen a football team compile given the even match ups between the teams throughout the last 17 years. We hate Florida for one reason and one reason only and it's because we can't beat them.

The truth hurts.

We hate Tech for entirely different reasons. The Nerd Herd down the street represents everything that we don't. They represent social ineptibility, where we represent drinks with friends. They represent "studying" while we represent "getting laid." Look, I'm never one to say that learning isn't important, but Tech basically represents academics only while we represent that there's life after your classes are over for the day.

Are we less intelligent than the school down the street? According to the statistics we are. Are we cooler? Ask the Tech students that travel to Athens for fun.

It's two varying schools of thought (excuse the pun) at play here. Tech lives on paper and we live in handshakes. Tech believes that a 4.0 GPA should get you everywhere in life and we say "I'd rather have the kid with a 3.6 that understands how to work with other people."

Not only that, but Tech fucking blows. It's just the facts, people. How do they blow? Look around. Even when we we're mediocre, we were still kicking their nerdy asses all over the state. It just is what it is.

What happens on Saturday will greatly determine the mood for the Dawg Nation for the next 364 days. I've got every belief that we will walk out of Sanford with another win under our belt, but understand that in no way do I believe that Tech is a bad team this year. Do they have a bad quarterback? YES. However, they have ran the ball effectively and have played good defense. Basically, they've taken our gameplan from the previous 4 years. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The Law of Averages says that eventually we will lose to Georgia Tech again. It's fact. That's why they call it a "law." However, for the state of Georgia, the state of our program, and the true Dawg fans that have stuck with this team through the tough times this year, I'm hoping that Saturday isn't the day we decide to enforce the "law."

Here's to a helluva game on Saturday, good times with good friends, and bragging rights for the next 364.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).
Blogger Warren T said...
"We hate Florida for one reason and one reason only and it's because we can't beat them."

Gotta disagree on that one. Win, lose, or draw, Florida is one of my favorite teams to hate. Must I remind you of the jean shorts and gold chains??? Yes, I hate Yech most, I think, but it's pretty close...