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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
1. BeerBlogPongThis is weak. He kung fu'd for somewhere around 15 minutes and then crapped out on night two of the Jack Bauer Power Hour(s). To his defense, he did call and said he found two muscles he never thought he had. 1) The one that surrounds your butt and 2) The giant pussy that was hurting.

2. Some anonymous individual left this comment:

You need another catagory Artistic ATHLETIC Competitions cannot include competitions that the participants are not required to have any athletic skill. IE marching band. You need to add an artistic competition catagory.

Sorry, but I must disagree. marching band IS athletic. Is it athletic like football? Hell to the no. However, (ALERT!!! BAND DORKDOM IMPENDING!!!) marching band is an activity whereas you must control the amount of air you're breathing while you work your way around 60-70 yard area. You can march quite slow or extremely fast to where you'd BEG someone to let you jog through it. It's physical. Every up-tempo song nearly killed Poteet.

Also, don't forget the dance line, drum corps, and majorettes. I'm not always their biggest fan, but they do work awfully hard to make the thing look nice. Besides, I dare a mofo to tell one of the Georgettes they don't work hard. I made that mistake once.

3) The above comment from anon sounds eerily familiar since the same damn thing came out of the mouth of the 14-year figure skater mentioned in the last post. On a side note, she was hot with great hair.

4) The King has been going back and forth with some asshats over on the west coast about the Pac-10 being a real conference or some bullshit. I can end the argument in one sentence:

"Do you play a conference championship?"

Now, that'll draw a little heat from the Big-10(1), Pac-10, and Big East, but the truth is, if you want ultimate supremacy and respect, then divide the damn thing up into two sides and battle it out at the end of the year. There's no reason why Florida should have played one more game than Ohio State.

Let's look at it like this. USC (out west) had locked up the National Championship bid before they played UCLA. However, earlier in the year they lost to a decent (at best) Oregon State team. Now, assuming Florida was undefeated going into the SEC Championship game and they lose that instead, do you think a one-loss (to Arkansas) Florida team overrules a one-loss (to OREGON FUCKING STATE) USC team that happened to have the luxury of losing early? Hell no. Florida is out of the game and USC coasts into it.

Anyway, if you want respect Pac-10, Big East, and Big 10(1), then play a conference championship for fuck's sake.

Who am I kidding? Even if you did, you'd still be average at best.

5) I'm going to wake up tomorrow with a lot of hate mail...again,

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Blogger Russell said...
Ok ball licker.

What are you doing next Monday night? Wanna come work out with us next Monday night?

Blogger galarza said...
i am going to use my comment to not even comment on your usc/pac-10 talk...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And don't forget the strength side of marching band. I dare you to find me a marching band member who doesn't have well-defined calf muscles by the end of the season, and I'd love to see all those people who say marching band isn't athletic carry around a baritone at 10 degrees above parallel for a little while...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
O come on, Well defined calf muscles, whatever, i bet Kobiyashi has kick ass jaw muscles and im sure its an exhausting but can you discribe eating hotdogs as athletic, HELL no. Its just not ATHLETIC competition. Thats not saying its not legit competition (as long as there ARE competitions) its is just not athletic at all because anyone can do it that can play an instrument. I mean our Blogmaster KIT is the perfect example.