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Thursday, January 04, 2007
Well by now it's old news because I'm just not as quick as some of the other guys. I gotta say that Nick Saban taking the job at Alabama completely took me by surprise. I don't know what it was, but I guess for some crazy reason, when a man "vowed" not to take a job I thought he meant it.

I guess it's ok to go against your "vows" when you're speaking to the media.

I've heard a little bit of the arguments on both sides of the coin. I've read articles where people think it's good for Alabama and I've read some where they think Nick Saban sold his soul. I tend to lean more towards the latter because if he lied to get there, he'll lie to get out.

Some people tend to think that Saban's contract is too high to fire him and too high for him to be bought out. I say that with the new standard of pay that he recently just set, in the four years it'll take to find out if he's the real deal at 'Bama, $4 million a year won't mean shit. Truth be known, I think he wins at Alabama and then bolts for another top tier program that waves greener pastures into his wallet; like a USC for instance.

I just don't see a guy like Nick Saban staying at a program for long time. If you looked at his tenure with the other places he's been at, you'd realize it reads like a Paris Hilton black book. He tends to be with the "hot right now" and then moves on to find the next warm eye on the stove. I hope he wins at Alabama (just not against us) and then leaves them wondering what in the hell just happened. I've said many times that if I weren't a Dawg fan I would be a 'Bama fan because of their tradition, style of football, and girls. However, there's no way 'Bama wouldn't deserve for their program to be left in dismay after a hire like this. It's calling down the thunder.


As it relates to us, I don't believe his hiring hurts the Dawgs a bit. As far as games go, 'Bama will be a little tougher, but only at home (next year). Recruiting will not be an issue since no parent is going to believe a word Saban says now and it seems that 'rents love Richt. It's that whole "honesty" thing. Gets 'em every time.

I'd be interested to know what you guys think. Feel free to bloviate in the comments section. Also, check out the Georgia Sports Blog for a post on what PWD thinks plus some links to some great articles (I'm a VERY big fan of the Pat Forde article).

Until next time kids.

Be safe.