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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
I sat and watched the State of the Union address tonight. At some point I realized that almost two years ago, I cared for politics much more than I do now.

However, I liked the speech. Now it's time to talk about shit you really care about.

OUR State of the Union:

Expect more of the same, which is great news.

The end.

Moving on, I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would touch on a couple of different subjects soon. Well, soon has become "now" so let me go ahead and keep my word.

1) Why Urban Meyer is not the reason the Gators won the championship. Again and again it has been said that offense wins games but defense wins championships. Charlie Strong has been an extremely talented defensive coordinator for a while now and it is very surprising to me that he has not been chosen for a head coaching job somewhere else. His defenses have been stout, kept Ron Zook in a job, and ultimately have been under-appreciated in the "era of the head coach."

"Era of the head coach" you ask? Well it's basically what's happening right now throughout college football. Take a look at coaches like Urban Meyer, Charlie Weis, and Nick Saban. All have had moderate to good success in college football. The one that has had the least would be Charlie Weis, with Urban Meyer having the best in my opionion. However, they are overtaking the mantra of their team and casting a long shadow on their respective programs.

As soon as the media stops yapping about a hit or miss "spread" offense (I'm sure Richy Rod laughs his ass off every time someone refers to Meyer's offense as the spread) at Florida, they'll realize that solid linebacker and secondary play have kept them in every game they played this year and in years past.

2) I said I was going to break down the men's bball schedule and how I see it panning out. However this is going to have to wait since I'm still pissed about the 'Bama game.

3) I have one thing to say about the College Football Blogger Awards. EDSBS is the best blog out there, but I do believe PWD and Dawgnoxious got snubbed over at the Georgia Sports Blog. To not even be considered in the category kinda of bugs me. That's just my own opinion. I feel better now. It is good news, however, that Georgia Sports picked up a nomination for Best SEC Blog and Dawg Sports picked up a few nominations including one in the same category.

4) A huge recruiting update is coming, but I want to wait after this weekend's visits since we have a huge one coming up in regards to hosting big name guys.

5) Wait patiently on the personal rant.

Well, there you have it.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Brett said...
I'm actually becoming quite impatient on the personal rant.