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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Well, I had a helluva weekend. While it doesn't matter to you specifically what I did since it involves hardly any sports related to UGA, I did want to let everyone know that I drank this weekend. A lot. And today I'm paying for it.

Moving on...

* The debate rages on still for what is an "artistic athletic competition" or "performance art" or whatever vs. a "sport." Apparently one the previous commentors (amazingly an anonymous person) made a quick note that I'm not the most athletic person they've ever seen. To this, I will simply reply "REALLY?!?" (shout out: PWD) I guess whoever that is has seen me before, which further confirms my suspicion that Stevie Wonder does not read this blog.

* Anyway, I'd like to speak briefly (i.e. two points) about the game we lost against Alabama on Saturday in Basketball:

1) We should've never blown an 18 point lead.
2) We got hosed with the last few calls.

* I'd also like to mention that regardless of who plays who in the Super Bowl, I don't believe I'll be rooting for a Florida quarterback. Of the currently two teams that are making a charge for the final Super Bowl spot (even though Indiapolis is down right now, I'm not counting them out), both of them have Dawgs on their rosters, which makes either an automatic choice. Hey, it helps us in recruiting.

* The last thing I ever want to do is get into a war of words with The King, since my approach to subjects tend to me more simplistic and his is much more detailed. However, I have to call him on the carpet about his take on Jack Kingston's refusal to vote for the Gators. The truth be known, all politicians suck. Every single one of them. I don't believe 30% of the officials we elect into office do the job they're GIVEN in general. But a man that knows where his loyalties lie in regards to the University of Georgia is, if only for one vote, one I support (for only one vote). His act wasn't classless. It was college football at its finest.

* Finally, in "well damn that's great" news, it appears that Kevin Butler's son Drew has been offered a scholarship to the University of Georgia. Aside from the feel good aspect of the story, it turns out that Drew Butler has a helluva leg. I think he's going to be a punter for us and maybe will merge into a FG kicker role, but either way, he has a cannon.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Natalie said...
I have tried to refrain from posting on this one bud, but seriously- marching band a sport??? Art, yes. Sport, no. Or excuse me, not a "sport", but "athletic competition".

Knitting, stripping, drinking- none of those are sports either, just to clarify.

Anonymous Paige said...
My husband told me about Jack Kingston's refusal to vote for the Gators the other day and my response was that he had my vote! LOL I don't feel that it was classless either. I felt a kinship. LOL

Blogger Stacy said...
Yeah, I watched the Georgia/Bama bball game - total bullshit. Oh well...the good news is that the Lady Dawgs did well today against the Criminoles! Go Dawgs :)

Blogger Chris said...
Worst officiating ever. We shouldn't have given up a 19 point lead, but the refs shouldn't have helped them do it twice.