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Monday, February 05, 2007
No "walk of shame" here folks. None at all. I successfully survived a Super Bowl/Birthday weekend yet again. It's a challenge every year. Well, maybe not the Super Bowl, but definitely the birthday part. Those that know me would find it completely ridiculous to say that I don't crave attention, but stick with me for a second...

Every time I've been in the "spotlight" it was for an event or because I had to be. I was doing the Rooster Call, hosting a date auction, halloween contest, or something of that nature. However, I REALLY don't like a focus being placed on me and soley me. It flat out makes me uncomfortable in a way that I can't even describe. But, it only happened twice this weekend and that's all a guy can ask for.

The game itself was quite "OK" for me. I think the weather screwed with things to a level that most people didn't expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how the Colts managed that game. The Bears, on the other hand, had no gameplan whatsoever in any capacity. Defensively they gave up everything underneath and offensively...well, they had Rex Grossman.

The commercials left a little to be desired since only a handful of them made me really laugh. Anyone else want to "boo" when they saw the commercial for the Sales Genie? Yeah, I think I actually might have. Now, I do believe that Coca-Cola missed a geniune opportunity when they played the following commercial about historical African-American achievements. See for yourself...

Then, they missed this golden opportunity...

Try Coke Blak. We named it for you.

Was that in poor taste? It's quite possible.

Anyway, the good news is we've got National Signing Day tomorrow for college football and I don't care at all if our recruiting class is not at the top of the heap. The truth is we have addressed all of our needs accordingly and any big names added on at the end of the day is just icing on the cake. Don't forget that David Pollack, David Greene, and Thomas Davis were all much less than 5-star players. It's how our kids respond to our coaches that make them great. I'll take a 2-star guy with heart and determination over a 5-star kid who thinks he deserves everything without putting a foot on a college playing field.

Either way, if our kids that have committed stay that way, then we'll be fine. It's not flashy, but it serves its purpose. Trust me on this one.

Well, I think I'm spent, ladies and gentlemen. I'd love to say you'll be hearing more from me, but I don't feel much like blogging, so all I'll promise is that when I feel like writing, I will.

Thanks to everyone who left me well-wishes for my birthday. Even though I TRULY hate that day with every ounce of my being, it's great to know that people care enough to tell me that they're happy I made it one more year.

In other news: I had a dream last night that the cheerleader form Heroes was my girlfriend. Then I got a call from Satan saying that he had my room reserved...

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Enon said...
love me some Blak....great catch!!! keep up the good work.