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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Well the Wildcats played one of their best games of the season last night to take the Dawgs down in really what was a tale of two halves.

BeerBlogPongThis came over to watch the second half and sadly, he saw UK completely blow up in the good way (for them) where they started draining 3-point shots left and right. The Dawgs played one of their most gutsiest games of the season and were tested on a night where a lot of things didn't go right. You play in Rupp, on Senior Night, against UK, lose another one of your starters, and can't get quality minutes from some great reserves...well, you're just not going to win. As PWD stated, though, we got great minutes from the guys that did play. I agree with his view on Woodbury. I think that kid has got the makings of something special if he gets the confidence.

Truth is, with the deck stacked against us last night like it was, if we would've walked out with a win it only would have come against a total implosion of UK, which probably could've cost Tubby his job. Instead, UK did what everyone expected them to do, but it took the second half to really put the Dawgs away.

Well, what does this mean?

Not much really. I don't think many folks gave us a solid shot last night and that's a fair shake. It's very tough to win on the road in the SEC this year, and it's especially tough to win at Rupp Arena, on a night where nearly every 3-point shot they jacked up went in. It just is what it is.

However, it does turn the UT game into the biggest game of the season for us. We beat UT and go 2 rounds deep in the SEC Tourney, then we have a shot at an NCAA bid. If we lose, then we have to go VERY deep in the SEC Tourney, have at least one major upset, and then we MIGHT get a bid. We're just on that side of the bubble.

UT has proven to be a hot and cold team at times this year. I think Bruce Pearl has his kids fired up, but I also believe that the UGA fan support is there this year for an "upset" when the Vols come to Athens. I'm VERY glad this game was picked up by TV because I really do think it might be one of the best of the season.

Anyway, I don't want to make a prediction on the UT game just yet, but I will say that our past two performances haven't been bad ones, which says to me this team is willing to step up when the time calls for it. Let's just hope we can overwhelm the Vols when they come to town.

If not, UGA might as well be spelled N-I-T.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.