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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
I finally got it. March Madness has hit me pretty hard and I'm amped about my picks this year. I'll be honest, I don't really feel confident in ANY of my 4 brackets (1 with BeerBlogPongThis and 3 connected to work), but I'm just excited for the opportunity to beat people I like.

Before I get into the March Madness talk, I'd like to say that I'm watching the Dawgs take on Fresno State in the first round of the NIT and we look pretty solid. Sundiata hasn't shot the ball too well, but he's played great defense and Levi and Takais have both had really good games. What I'm really surprised about is how well Fresno State shoots the ball and how we've stayed in the zone the whole time (which I don't really like for this style of game).

Stukes just hit his 8th 3-pointer of the game and as the camera focused on him, you could read his lips say "I'm on fire right now, boy." Damn if he ain't.

Another game ball should go to the fans. They really showed up for this one even though UGA is currently on Spring Break. The Stege isn't full by any stretch of the imagination, but there are asses in seats. You can't really ask for more than that.

On a side note, the band has sounded good all night long.

At this point Stukes has 30 points and Brown has 21. We've got 84 total currently, so there's the tale of the tape. I tell ya, if we can shoot the ball like this, we could very well go deep in the NIT.

Dawgs win. Good game for us.

Now it's time to move on to March Madness. This has turned out to be a very good year for upsets in my opinion, even though I don't know if very many will actually happen. Make sense? If it doesn't then just know that I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of the top seeds go 2 rounds and then lose in the Sweet Sixteen to lower, but suprisingly evenly matched teams.

So who's in my Final Four? Well, that'd be Florida, Ohio State, UCLA, and Georgetown. I'm very high on Georgetown for no other reason than they seem to be a very sexy pick this year. There's a lot of buzz around them and they seemed prime to let emotion take them deep into the tournament. I've got them in the Championship Game in a couple of my brackets with Ohio State in the other ones.

The champion? Unfortunately it's Florida. I hate Joa-lyshitican'tspellthis Noah. The kid has a face for radio, I've seen him take a swipe at a UK cheerleader, and he just needs his ass kicked in general, but Florida is just too damn good. I'm not saying that because of what they did to Georgia, but more of because what they've done to everyone. Florida has been there before with the same starting five for two full years; this being the second. I just think they're too good. I've got Georgetown winning it all in one bracket, but I think Florida is your champ.

Damn it.

Anyway, got some post season thoughts? Drop them in the comments section. I'd love to hear about them.

Until next time (and until the next UGA NIT game) kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Russell said...
The band indeed sounded very good. If I had to guess, it was a combination of decent playing and an absence of a mic being set up right in front of the group (yes, I look for these kind of things).

Blogger galarza said... pick...very sexy...

Blogger JOJO said...
Wanna see a real upset I have given up on picking 1 seeds in the final 4 you can neeevvvverrrr win like that heres my final 4 UCLA, southern ILL, wiscon, and ohio state with sothern ill winning it all.

Blogger Stacy said...
I'm still rooting for the Heels and UCLA - Florida hasn't looked as solid as I thought they were thus far, and even though I picked 'em, I'm secretly happy that they are probably going to ruin my bracket.

Miss you Kit and sorry I never get around to bloggin' anymore. I still try to read yours when I get tired of thinking about the musculoskeletal system.....::muah::