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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Well, I owed it to everyone to explain why I haven't been around blogging lately. A lot of people have asked, publicly and privately, if everything is ok and now I can finally say "I think so."

Be forewarned, this is not a sports-related blog, but more of a "where I have been lately" to catch you up before we get back to business. If you don't care to read on, then don't. No pressure on my end.

About a month and a half ago I was having some quasi-severe heart troubles that were coupled with extremely strong dizzy and lightheaded spells. They happened all the time, with no reason, and got so bad that I went to the doctor. Said doctor referred me to a cardialogist for an appointment 2 weeks later. On the Monday before the Thursday appointment, I had an "episode" of sorts that sent me to the emergency room. Everything was fine, as you can tell by my willingness to take a "Denny Action Shot." Please see below:

Yes, we have heart problems in common, but neither of us slept with Izzie as well.

After the emergency room visit, I was ordered three days off work before the heart appointment (and I was so sad about it). The three days came and went, the heart was poked and prodded in the ways that they can do that, and a stress test and heart monitor were ordered; along with a visit to an Endocrinologist.

The stress test went fine, the heart montitor was placed on me for 30 days (which I just finished today), and all signs point to a very healthy heart.

Good news.

The indifferent news is that no one knows what has caused these spells. The most common diagnosis is stress that causes anxiety/panic attacks. To me, it sounds like a pussy thing to have, but that's because I don't like being weak at any point in time in any form. To say that I've been frustrated this past month and a half would be a huge understatement. Also, the endocrinologist told me I am pre-disposed to type 2 diabetes, but not a diabetic yet.

However, I have drugs now that are supposedly going to make everything much much much better. Time will tell in regards to that, but for right now, I'm happy that my vital functions are...well, functioning...and that I can go to Athens tomorrow, have a Jack and Diet, and realize that I will wake up the next morning.

So, all is sorta well in the land of me and I'll be happy to start blogging again regularly. Thanks again for all the well wishes and the "where are you?"s. It's been nice to be thought of even if you didn't know what was going on.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Blogger Stacy said...
There's that "Denny" action shot, haha!

I'm so glad that everything is ok...E was asking me about you the other day, so now I can tell him to just read your blog and find out for himself. I know that this is nerdy, but if you have any questions about Type 2 DM, holla...E and I will probably have some answers for ya! You're in our prayers...miss ya bunches!
Love you!