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Monday, August 13, 2007
Well Vegas 2007 came and went. A full story coming soon, but first a couple of quick hits:

  • David Ching has been on fire lately with his posts regarding practice. If you aren't reading him, you're either paying for that news from one of the other two sites or you're missing out. Either way, check it out soon.

  • To the few folks that's sent me e-mails asking for the Munson Mixes, please know I'll get those to you ASAP. Catching up to daily life after vacation is taking a little longer than planned.

  • Finally, if anyone has any Bulldod videos that are in any format other than "YouTube," PLEASE let me know. I'm working on putting together a video mix now that I've got the Munson Mix thing down. Also, if you have any extra Munson clips lying around that aren't the "major" calls, please pass those along as well. I'm particularly looking for clips from LSU 2004, Arkansas for the SEC Championship, and other blowouts. I've got an idea brewing...

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Ally said...
Glad you're back & can't wait to read about the trip!
Ching is unbeatable in his day-to-day coverage of the practices, but I'ts gotten to where I dread clicking on his site. The injury report just keeps getting longer and longer...
Can you use video tapes of past games? They aren't digital. Let me know - I have several from 2001-2005. They're yours if you want them!