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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
It's happened. It's happened to me and if it hasn't happened to you, hopefully it will by the end of this post.

The fever is spreading. You're sweating. You wake up and wonder if our LBs are going to step up. If our Offense is going to be as bad ass as we've thought since Bobo took over the play calling. If our young O-line can handle the pressure and go from young men to grown men before their first snap of football.

However, it's only Wednesday.

You've got it. I've got it. We've all got it. It's that time of year where the talk stops and the heart pounds. You dream of cool autumn days with the leaves changing and the sun setting on a crisp night in Sanford Stadium. Gameday is close.

I'm so excited I can't contain myself. Earlier this week, I was writing about 5 different drafts for posts and it started to overtake me. I couldn't stop thinking about this upcoming Saturday and having old questions answered and new questions emerge. Can this be the beginning of Stafford going down as the greatest QB in Georgia history? Will Knowshon Moreno live up to his hype?

They just keep running through my mind like a freight train. It's non stop and it's on a crash course for 17:45 on 9/1/07. On a national stage surrounded by 92,000 of your closest friends, you will get educated, for better or worse.

The truth is, though, all that doesn't matter. We will win games this year and we will lose them. I didn't have enough time to run down what I figured would happen with the SEC and maybe I'll get to it soon. However, I know that UGA is not an undefeated national champion this year. Contenders for the SEC title? Yes. But I don't expect more than that. Here's what I expect:

I'm expecting the anticipation. The silence that falls upon the crowd as they hear the official beginning of the football season. The idea that now's the time to put your game face on. The talk has ended and we're minutes away from the truth being told. It all begins with one person who has the daunting task of standing in front of thousands and playing to literally millions who call themselves members of the Bulldog Nation.

7 notes on a trumpet might as well be 7 shots across the opposing team's bow.

Get ready, because in 3 days you'll be casting your eyes to the Southwest Corner of the stadium to see one person tell everyone what they've been dying to hear.

It's time...

Preview for the first game goes up on Thursday.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Will said...
I want to make love to this post. See you on GAMEDAY!!!!

Blogger Ally said...
Love the post! This game is probably gonna be the biggest home opener of my lifetime - sux I won't be there.
Hopefully you'll post a recap on Sunday.

Blogger Matt T said...
That's a beautiful picture.