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Monday, September 17, 2007
Since I traveled to the homeland of Perry, GA this weekend to spend a little time with the parental unit, I didn't have time to do a recap of the game. However, since I don't want to throw off the "mojo" for this weekend's incredibly tough challenge, I will combine this week's list with my thoughts from the weekend's game.

So let's not waste any more time:

The Ten Thoughts I Have Going Into This Weekend's Game:

10. Is Alabama that good or that lucky? A lot of what I've seen has shown Alabama to be really flashy sometimes and dead in the water at others. Some of their struggles have almost been mirror images of ours and this past weekend they clawed their way out of quicksand to steal a victory. But was Arkansas as good of a team as advertised?

9. Who will talk trash this week to fire up the opposing team? My money is on Saban's bunch to run their mouths and give us some good bulletin board material. There's so much hype around this game that I can't see those kids shutting up about how they're going to take it to Georgia. Even worse, I can't see any 'Bama fan shutting up about how they're going to take it to Georgia.

8. Will Nick Saban be seeking revenge for the 2004 LSU game in Athens? In Saban's last year in the SEC, Mark Richt and the Dawgs collectively handed Satan...sorry, Sa"B"an...and the Tigers their asses. Not only did we serve them their own ass for lunch, but we added a side of "stank on my dangle," for them to munch on. It was the most perfect game I've ever seen played, and you know Saban hates knowing he was on the opposite end of it.

7. Will Mark Richt be seeking revenge for Saban's comments at the SEC Media Days? In case you've forgotten, or didn't know altogether, shortly after Mark Richt had a cordial "hello" with Urban Meyer (who was passing by), he went out of his way to say "hello" to another passerby in Nick Saban. Saban returned the favor by telling Richt he was in Athens not too long ago watching his son's band play and was surprised by all the football players he'd seen at the bar. Needless to say after UGA's discipline issues, Richt was not pleased...and for the first time since Richt's been a Dawg, it showed. My money says that football player inside Richt is ready to strap on pads and hit someone in the mouth. And that QB inside Richt is ready to hang 50 on 'Bama if he can.

6. Will Alabama fans run out of gas before the game? Sure, ESPN night games are prestigious, and having Gameday in town is even more so, but will 'Bama fans use the time wisely to spend all day getting hyped up, or will they run out of steam by being too drunk come 7:45 PM? My guess is a little of both. I expect a raucous, but extremely tired crowd. Remember, they just did this last week. If UGA can get in there and take the wind out of their sails, we might have a good shot against them.

5. What defense will show up? Will UGA be the GATA defense we saw against OSU or will we try to play smart defense like we did against USC? I'm hoping for us to pin our ears back and try to force mistakes instead of sitting in zone and waiting for them to happen. Say it will me now..."Stunt. Blitz. Hit." Repeat.

4. Will Demiko Goodman have a coming out game? A lot of talk is going around this kid and his blazing speed. He definitely made some fine catches on some tough balls last week. He's got the physical tools to make it happen, but he just needs to get a little more confidence. Perhaps an 80-yard deep one to him will help that happen?

3. How will we use Knowshon? Richt has already said that he expects 'Bama to stop our run and force us to pass. It makes sense. Our offense has sputtered a little but has not been completely incompetent. The Tide is going to expect us to use screens and short passes to try and wear them down and get back to our running game. Does this mean we might see Knowshon go wide and then across the middle? Could we use his playmaking ability to occupy some safeties and open up the seam routes? To me, how we use Knowshon is the biggest offensive key to winning our game.

2. Is our Secondary ready to play man coverage? We're going to have to blitz in this game. I'm serious. We've got to put 8 in the box and dare them to throw. With three games under their belt and two of those to decent offensive teams, isn't it time we baptize these kids by fire? So we get burnt deep once. At least we're giving them a shot to step up. Let's stop being so safe. Get out there and hit someone in the mouth. DARE THEM TO THROW.

1. How will this young UGA team fair on the road for the first time? Thankfully, we had three starts at home to understand what it's like for us to play as a team this year. Now, we need to step it up a notch and learn what it's like to ruin 92,000 people's day. Mark Richt has been an exceptional coach overall, but his road record is one to be proud of. No doubt, he will have our players focused going into this game, but once they step foot-to-turf. It's all on them. Will they be "man enough" to handle that?

As always, your list is welcome in the comments section.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous JOJO said...
All great comments one quick note the blitz idea but in the 4-3 i don't wanna see any more than 7 coming hard!.

Blogger Carolina Dawg said...
#9 looks like you are right. It's already started.

Blogger Matt said...
Well done Kit...
excellent use of 'stank on my dangle'


Anonymous Jeb / squeb said...
Im pumped about the game already, I agree with everything kit said. Big! Big! Im talking Big Football action happing at the Jeb,Kitchens apartment in Gables Mill sat... 1000am espn gameday. The Grill is pre-gaming all week long and the dizzle and jinxsey are protecting the Georgia decorated apartment from the spying Alabama scorpions. Cant say much more about the festivities at the Gables because of all the speculation of spying existing in football today. Ok, I will tell you one secret, I think Saban is a spy for the Taliban. Go DAWGS and I hope Mark Richt hangs 50 on saban. Sorry, (John and Janet Calame).

Blogger georgiagirl said...
I am personally a little worried, but truly excited to see our dawgs tested, on the road! They always play up, WC didn't look great, but it's hard to play hard when the team you are playing against hits softly and carries a little stick. Alabama is a solid team, while this could get ugly early, I have faith in our ability to rally.
I hope they can here me yelling from Marietta!

Blogger Russell said...
The game kicks off at 6:45 locally.