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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Got a lot of stuff going on today and tomorrow will be spent writing the preview of the Western Carolina game. So with that, I present to you some quick hits.

  • Everyone has a different opinion on what happened last Saturday. There was a lot of discussion on the recap post of "whether or not the band played enough" and "whether or not the crowd was as crazy during the game as they were the week before." From what I remember, the crowd wasn't as good for the first half and then they got into it when they realized we had a good chance of losing. My opinion is that they should have been fired up from the get-go and maybe we wouldn't be 0-1 in the SEC. Again, just my opinion. As far as the band goes, I'm sure they played as much as always, but probably weren't mic-ed (?) well enough to be heard on TV.

  • David Ching, in my opinion, is absolutely on fire this year with his coverage of the Dawgs. I swear, I feel like I should be paying for his site.

  • New blogs to check out...well, they're at least new to me. Get the Picture (Dawg), Carolina Dawg (Dawg), Best of the SEC Blogs (recaps all different SEC blogs), UGAGRAD1995 (Dawg...meant to put this one up a long time ago. Sorry Paige), Only Time Will Tell (General). That should get you by for a while.

  • One last thing, stolen from EDSBS just for Russ.

"K. Bai."
Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Russell said...
Luv u.



Blogger Paige said...
Thanks for the link. No prob on the time it took. ;-)

Blogger Ben said...
I can't stop laughing at that stupid pic

Blogger Carolina Dawg said...
Thanks for mentioning my blog!