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Thursday, October 18, 2007
*I started writing this post a few days ago so I could have it saved for later on in the week. Since then, PWD has written a much better one, so please check his out as well*

I love "Bye Week 2007." Normal weeks are so damn busy that I hardly get to blog about anything other than UGA football. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but seriously, I've got other shit to talk about sometimes.

So, in going along with that idea, here's my list of coaches that will not have a job come Jan 1, 2008.

  • Sly Croom -- This is a shame, too. He's a class act and was given an impossible situation at Miss. State. Here's hoping he finds himself a good place to go.

  • Dennis Franchione -- He needs to be gone. He's an overpriced, underachieving version of Tommy Tubberville. The job he really deserves? Bathroom cleaner for a downtown Atlanta McDonald's.

  • Karl Dorrell -- He has recruited well at UCLA but just can't seem to really do much with the talent. I think he's toast, but I'm in the minority on that one. Let's hope Rahim Moore changes his mind about his commitment...

  • Bill Callahan -- This hire left me scratching my head. I swear it just seemed like Nebraska said "people know this guy, who gives a damn if his own team kicked him out of the NFL?" I kinda want him to stay, though. Watching Nebraska suck makes me happy.

  • Houston Nutt -- After all the trouble over this past offseason as well as not winning every game with one of the best backfields in college football, Nutt is good as gone. Where does he end up? Hellifino. Let's put him at Syracuse for shits and giggles and have Tenacious D rewrite their fight song.

  • Dave Wandstet -- Another one of those "Seriously? Did anyone watch him coach in the NFL?" hires. He has effectively shown that he has no business near a head coaching job. If any school in the nation has a "mustache coordinator" job open, he'll be a frontrunner.

  • Lloyd Carr -- I'm sure he's probably an alright guy. One of those Donnan type folks that makes you think, "Yeah he's nice, but does he win when it counts?" The Michigan faithful have their eyes dead set on Les Miles and I believe they're going to get him. Carr will go to a decent program with some history that has fallen on hard times. I couldn't tell you where he'd be a good fit right now, but someone will scoop him up if he wants to go. If not, he'll retire and laugh like hell every time Les Miles cashes in his yearly "we shouldn't have lost this game" card.

  • Phil Fulmer -- It doesn't matter what happens, he will not go to the SEC Championship, much less win the damn thing. The World's Largest Contingent of Hunter's Orange are fed up and just will not take mediocrity anymore. When you have old players publicly saying the program is going downhill, you have a problem.

  • Bill Doba -- So you've never heard of him? Neither had I until recently when someone mentioned Washington State and I said "they have a coach?" Yeah, Mike Price has been more effective at a strip club with 20 cents than that guy. Expect Price to be back is my guess.

  • Tommy Bowden -- Why Clemson has kept this guy around for as long as they have absolutely blows my mind. I mean how many seasons have we heard about it being Clemson's year, only to watch them go and take a big dump to the tune of 4 or 5 losses? With a team as good as they have, it shouldn't be brain surgery to think they could be doing better.

  • Greg Robinson -- He coaches Syracuse. Nuff said. Where does he go? In a cruel twist of fate...Arkansas.

So there you go. Did I miss anyone? Thoughts? Disageements?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Blogger Matt T said...
Franchione is such a piece of trash. I hope he doesn't get another job, after what he did to Bama and this newsletter scandal thing. He is a disgrace to college sports.

Blogger Moose-Tipping said...
There is one flaw in your "Did you see the way they coached in the NFL?" theory, and his name is Spurrier. Spurrier was never, ever a pro-level football coach, but man is he one hell of a college ball coach.

Blogger Ally said...
What about Ed Orgeron? I think he goes before Sly Croom, simply because I think Sly will beat Ole Miss this year and possibly Bama (that may be a stretch I know).

Amen, on Tammy Bowden. Good God, it simply amazes me with all the money & influence of the Clemson faithful that they put up with Tammy's mediocrity year after year. I hate Clemson so I enjoy their yearly mid-season crap-out, however I want AJ Harmon in red & black next year. The only way that's gonna happen at this point is if Tammy gets his walking papers. It's a conundrum, I know.

Blogger Ally said...
Oh, and I don't think this is fat Phil's last year in Knox. His buy-out is pretty substantial from what I've read, which would limit their ability in hiring a better coach. Plus, I honestly think that ass-whipping he handed us a few weeks ago saved his substantial arse for another year. I could be wrong though.

Anonymous Jeff Keith said...
I hope Sly makes it a few more years! I really like his coaching style and I think he will be moderately successful. Can MSU ask for much more?