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Monday, October 22, 2007
There’s been a lot of talk lately about how UGA is going to get killed by UF this coming Saturday. No one is really giving us much of a chance, and to be honest, I can’t blame them at all. Florida has shown to be much more consistent offensively and have been a touch better than UGA defensively all year.

That being said, today’s list is not about winning or losing. Regardless of what happens in Alltel Stadium, it will still be great to be a Georgia Bulldog. Here’s why:

The Ten Reasons to Keep Your Chin Up on Sunday, Regardless of What Happens Saturday:

10. Red and Black is unique. Orange and Blue is overdone. – Seriously, what is it with college football teams thinking that Orange and Blue are the way to go? Florida, Auburn, Illinois, Syracuse, etc. all use these in one form or another. It’s a horrible color combination any way you spin it, whereas Red and Black will fit nearly any situation at any time. Red and Black says “I’m ready for a black tie event, a night out on the town, or a pickup game of flag football.” Orange and Blue says “I’m replacing the alternator on my Trans Am today.”

9. Our girls are better. It’s scientifically proven. – What do men love about college campuses? Co-eds. Kirk Herbstreit, resident ESPN scientist and magnet for hot women, confirmed that UGA dominates Florida in this category. Remember, you can fix problems in regards to how your football team plays, but there are no halftime adjustments for “ugly.”

8. Ray Goff is better than Ron Zook. – Win/loss records aside, I would much rather have Ray Goff dropping “futbawl nahlege” on me than Ron Zook telling me how to run a team. Besides, which is more beneficial to America right now; Zaxby’s or Illini Football? I rest my case.

7. Everyone loves Uga. – You know your mascot kicks other mascots’ a$$es when he’s featured in a movie, on the cover of SI, attends a Heisman ceremony, and people disregard their collegiate affiliation just to take a picture with him. Uga owns Albert’s soul, and he’s not letting go of it anytime soon.

6. We still lead the all-time series. – UF may have pwned our asses lately, but overall, we’re still the top Dawg. The gap is closing fast, though, so we need to get our shit together soon if we’re going to keep that lead.

5. Most of us get to go home to Georgia. – Look, it ain’t all perfect here in the Peach State, but we have a little bit of everything. From mountains to beaches and big cities to small towns, Georgia has got you covered as far as geography goes. Florida has…sand and palm trees. Lots of both actually. Our water tastes better, too. That is when we actually have water to drink.

4. “We are the boys.” – Yeah, I don’t get it. Everyone has their 4th quarter tradition that is special to them. Florida is no exception. I’m quite fond of UGA’s Krypton (some call it “Superman”) and the whole 4’s in the air thing. However, Florida wants to play a total downer of a song and then hug each other and rock side to side. Albeit sweet (and kind of cool to see from a distance), it’s a little too lovey-dovey for me…or college football in general.

3. Our band is better. – Leave it to the band geek to bring this up, but the Redcoats don’t need to be the pride of anything. They’re the f*cking Redcoats man. They party, get kisses on their cheeks, wear sunglasses when they march, they won of the Suddler Award for basically being the best d@mn band in the land, etc. Florida is the Pride of the Sunshine Marching Band. Fabulous…

2. No matter what happens, we’ll use the motivation from the game to beat Tech. – If we lose, we’ll attack them relentlessly in an effort to get our pride back. If we win, we’ll springboard towards the rest of the year with the sole purpose of finishing strong with *hopefully* a trip to the GA Dome.

1. Regardless of how impressively we win or how badly we get beat, we have the best coach in the nation leading this team. -- Sorry if you disagree, but if you do, then Tennessee's bandwagon is lacking. You can go jump on that one.

Alright, there's your list for this week. Sorry if it seems rushed, but I'm exhausted and didn't have the time to make it all fancy and stuff. Offensive stats come tomorrow and a preview should be up no later than Thursday.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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