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Monday, October 01, 2007
There’s been a lot of talk lately about Tripp Chandler and his case of the drops. The message boards have been blowing up about a shakeup at Tight End and how he just needs to go.

I can’t say that I disagree with mindset of moving him farther down the depth chart. However the gap between Chandler’s mental awareness on the field from that of Bruce Figgins' is quite large. Just like the gap between Figgins’ physical ability and Chandler’s. There are two bright contrasts and if one is under performing, then it is only natural to want a little bit of a change.

What pisses me off however, is the booing of a player when he under performs according to our expectations. So what that in mind, let’s move on to today’s List.

The 10 Reasons Why It Is Never a Good Idea to “Boo” Your College Team:

10. It shows an utter lack of respect. – Think about it. These kids go out and put their bodies on the line to make a crucial block, catch, or tackle. In the world of torn ACLs, dislocated shoulders, broken necks, and all other kinds of ailments, don’t you think they deserve the respect to not be booed off a field if they make a mistake?

9. You wouldn’t boo your own child – PWD nailed this in the comments section of his post recapping the Ole Miss game. Unless you are the heartless SOB that would boo their own child, shut your mouth. And if you are the heartless SOB that would boo their own kid, I will not feel for you when said child gets old enough to kick your wrinkly old ass.

8. If you want to coach, put in an application. – Be frustrated as much as you want to, but your booing does nothing as far as helping the kid learn from his mistakes. Find me a coach that boos his own player and I will kiss you square on the ass. Seriously, if you want to help with the growth of an athlete or player, be frustrated, angry, and then encourage him. And don’t even think that a “boo” is the same as “come on Chandler…catch the ball!” It’s not. Any argument suggesting otherwise is bullshit.

7. You’re hurting the future of the program. – How good does it look to a recruit to go through the Dawg Walk, experience that rush and support, and then see it all go to shit when someone makes a mistake? If I’m guy that has the option of playing at Florida, UT, Notre Dame, Michigan, etc., I wouldn’t want to go to a place that doesn’t support me when I fuck up.

6. The Golden Rule – When I show up at your church softball game and boo you for getting thrown out at second because Jesus didn’t bless you with the fastest feet on the planet, you have the right to boo me all you want. Until then, shut your trap.

5. They’re not getting paid to play. – Again, another one that was nailed in the comments section of PWD’s post. If you want something to boo about you can go to a Falcons, Hawks, or even Braves game. I guarantee you’ll be hoarse by the second half of said game. These kids play because they want to. Most of them (including Tripp Chandler) realize that they will not make it into the NFL. I’d say 90% of them are very down to earth in that regard. So please, ease off.

4. Don’t give them a reason to hate the school. – You know what really impresses recruits? Former players who went on to greatness, but still support their Alma Mater. If I were Tripp Chandler, I would work my butt off, have a fantastic rest of the year, be cheered and adored by many, get my ass drafted, and laugh all the way to the bank. And don’t count on me speaking to future recruits. From here on out, my playing would be less about heart and more about business.

3. How busy is your day? – I’ve had the privilege of spending some time with David Pollack, David Greene, and Fred Gibson all at different times. Aside from being pretty good guys, they are extremely busy guys. My busy days consist of working from 07:30 – 17:30 with maybe 30 minutes for lunch. Their busy days include waking up at 05:00, going to class all day, study time at the Center, and then practice ends around 18:00. Then couple that with an entire Saturday spent playing for YOU and not being able to go downtown afterwards and enjoy a beer without being targeted. Cut the guys some f'ing slack.

2. Mike Gundy will embarrass you publicly. -- Nuff said.

1. Don’t treat OUR players like you treat THEIR players. – I wonder if anyone’s even thought about this. At every home game, we boo the kids from the opposing team because they are our rivals for the day. So when you boo our kid, does that mean you equate him to a Florida, UT, Auburn, Alabama, or any other team’s player? No? THEN WHY TREAT HIM THE SAME?

And finally, two quotes from Chandler in the ABH that should make us all think about how we support our team (shout out: Ally). I added the bold emphasis in the quotes:

"I've seen it before," Chandler said. "They booed Sean Bailey in this stadium. They booed Mohamed (Massaquoi) in this stadium. I don't know if I would say that I didn't expect it. I was already down on myself about the whole situation. It doesn't make me happy, but they're gonna do what they do."

"I guess it comes with the territory. You can't rely on the fans all the time, you have to rely on your brothers and your coaches."

The way the fans acted on Saturday...P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.

See Also: A Note for the Fans (last year's response to this shit).

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Ben said...
I could not agree more. I'm one of the many people on the message boards telling these jackasses to shut their traps. It's a shameful way to treat your own team. I just wish there were some way to let the players know how many of us really support them.

Blogger paige said...
Amen to that. I just posted about the whole booing thing yesterday. It just pisses me off! I was at the Vandy game on Saturday and they were winning pretty handily and got booed when E. Michigan scored. WTF? Ridiculous. I'm incredibly saddened that the same was happening at the UGA game especially for an individual player. Classless!!

I'm with Ben, I wish there was a way to let them know how many of us DO support them no matter what.

Anonymous JoJo said...
What the deal with the military time its just annoying!

Blogger Paige said...
Okay, I'm watching Saturday's game and right now we are in the 4th quarter. TC has only had 2 dropped passes with one a no call pass interference. And, he's had a couple pretty big receptions. WTF is wrong with people? Everyone of those booing that kid should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous Chris in Oxford said...
Thanks for your post. I agree entirely with you - and the Dawgcast guys. Chandler should probably be benched, but he doesn't deserve to be booed. Great post!

I've got a blogging feud going on with a Vol fan, check it out if you have the time. I've got more than usual to cheer for this time!

I'm enjoying your site!