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Monday, October 08, 2007
I'm trying folks. I'm really really trying to find the silver lining and I'm this close to being over the loss to UT. It's not that I'm bitter because I'm really not. I'm frustrated still, but not bitter. I'm still not even angry.

So in going along with the healing....

The Ten Reasons I'm Looking Forward to the Rest of the Season:

10. It's becoming fall -- Leaves are turning colors, the temperature is dropping. Autumn rocks my face off.

9. Our biggest rivals are on the horizon -- Let's take a look at this. We have Florida, Auburn, UK, Vandy, and Tech still remaining. My hatred for three of those teams is undying, two of those teams upset us last year and we need revenge, and NOT cool.

8. Tailgating is about to get awesome -- No one wants to tailgate when it's really hot or really cold. Kids are out throwing the football, drunk parents are passing out because they're not sweating out the alcohol, and it's tough (but not impossible) to get really sunburned on cloudy days. Break out the grill!

7. Recruiting is heating up -- As we get closer and closer to February, the future of our program will commit, de-commit, and surprise us each and every day. Which kid will piss us off? Which kid will choose us over Florida, UT, and Tech? Which diamond in the rough will become the next David Pollack or David Greene? Exciting times ahead.

6. Girls dress up in cute winter outfits -- Sorry, but I gotta say it. I'll take a girl in a tight sweater all bundled up over a girl sweating like hell with her boobs hanging out any day. Winterwear is just my thing and what better place to see it than Athens, GA on Gameday?

5. The bowl picture starts to shake out -- Yeah, last season kind of sucked with losing all those games, but weren't you excited to see the Dawgs wake up and play their hearts out to beat out Georgia Tech for the Peach Bowl bid? To me, watching that game in Athens and knowing what was on the line really meant something. I'm looking forward to having that same kind of anxiety this year, but hopefully without all the losses.

4. Watching how this team will respond to being called what they've been called -- Part of being a Dawg means having a metric shit-ton of pride in where you've been, where you are, and where you're going. Yeah, I'm disappointed, and yeah, I'm still looking for solutions to what I feel are huge problems, but I'm still hopeful we can pull this together.

3. Hearing Larry a few more times -- He's going to hang it up for good soon and I'm looking forward to cherishing every upcoming call and conversation he's going to have with the Bulldog Nation. Maybe this isn't his last year, but I'm certainly not going to take him for granted the rest of this season.

2. Watching our Offense find its identity -- Every week we see a different formation. Now trust me, I know we're not being productive and we've got a lot of work to do, but as this playbook opens up, I think you're going to see a team ready for the highlight reel. Besides, don't you get excited EVERY SINGLE TIME Knowshon touches the ball? I'm ready to see the emergence of our Offensive Identity.

1. Because I'm a true F*CKING fan -- We all deserve to have our questions answered about what's going on Defensively and why are players aren't "executing." We all deserve to stop hearing people talk about "youth" and "inexperience" because it's not fair to the kids who actually do bust their ass. But regardless, I bleed Red and Black. I still believe that Mark Richt is the right man to lead this team and turn players into heroes. To all you people who are writing off the Dawgs, go ahead and do it. Just don't expect there to be a seat on the bandwagon when things start going our way again.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Paige said...
I agree with it all. Well except for #6. I have no opinion on that one. LOL I agree with #1 big time. I hate fair weather fans. The don't deserve to be fans.

Blogger Ally said...
I'm with Paige. Love it, except for #6.
My #6 is: Guys in their favorite jeans & a polo.
Number 3 on your list is my favorite though. I cannot imagine Bulldogs without Munson.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow - you really are a big deal! You're on the front page of the infamous Georgia Sports Blog. Starting rumors about the WLOCP...