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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

With UGA having a bye week this week before the annual GA/FLA contest, I wanted to take this opportunity to address the State of The Game.

This year in college football has been one of the most topsy-turvy years I can ever remember. From Division 1-AA teams defeating some of the most storied programs, to 41-point underdogs taking ownership of their own house in route to beating the No. 1 team in the land, this year has been one to remember for ages…and we’re only halfway through the season.

New head coaches are turning programs around, while old head coaches at different programs are doing what they were hired to do. While I cannot, and will not, take pride in a rival, I have to respect their accomplishments. Some of these programs are essentially enjoying victory for the first time, while others are reliving memories from previously successful campaigns.

There are parallels in college football however. Those programs destined for greatness are now destined for middle of December bowl games, and seniors who have returned for one last hurrah are now finding themselves carrying the clipboard for their freshmen counterparts. Some teams are suffering from being over-hyped, and others have traded in their gold paint for a more lead-based variety.

Boise State’s magical season has opened doors for teams like South Florida to believe that there is something worth playing for after all. Wake Forest proved against Florida State last week that while you may not still fear them, you must at least respect them. The University of North Carolina showed Miami a few weeks ago that times have indeed changed. Cal tasted their highest ranking in the Jeff Tedford era for a mere hour and a half before losing it at the last second. Let's also not forget Kentucky who now must be given respect in two sports.

I encourage all of you Dawg fans to take a step back in our off-week and enjoy the landscape laid out before your eyes. While I will always bleed Red and Black, the game of college football is one that I love and respect in its own right. It is a game of will, desire, heart, as well as strife, heartbreak, and disappointment. There is no middle ground and no way to mail it in.

Take this week to enjoy the tradition of The Grove, Jump Around with Wisconsin, Dot the “I” in Columbus, burn a couch at WVU, and white out your opponent in Happy Valley. You'll be better for it. I promise.

Our traditions at Georgia are wonderful and what I consider to be the best in the land, but I believe it would be a shame and a disgrace against this game that’s been so good to many of us, to not recognize that we’re a part of something bigger.

Enjoy your off-week. Hate Week Part 1 starts Monday.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Blogger galarza said...
kit...where the hell did you go?

Blogger Ally said...
One of your best posts ever. I think I've read it now at least 8 times.