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Sunday, November 25, 2007
This video blows me away. Yes, that is your Redcoat Band playing "Soulja Boy" after the game and yes, those are our players dancing to it.

Props to whoever thought "I should write the music to Soulja Boy and teach it to the Redcoats." Genius move to find something that motivates our players and lets them have a little fun. Also, good on the players for spending some quality time with the RCB this year. The players, the fans, the students, the RCB; EVERYONE is having a good time right now.

From Kelin's dream of conducting the Band to the RCB learning "Soulja Boy," I'm very VERY envious that I had to quit marching after I graduated. This would have been one fun year to be a Redcoat.

Game Recap (aka "Gloat Fest") coming soon. I'm a little hungover today.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Ally said...
Apparently white boys can dance, Ben Boyd was pretty good.

Best part of the vid was seeing CMR holding an orange. Nice.

Blogger Matt T said...
No kidding. I wish we had done some of this while we were in school.

Blogger Patrick M said...
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Blogger Patrick M said...
I got a clip of this from my angle in the stands. We were right next to the band when they played this. It was the 2nd time they played it, the first was during a timeout and Knowshon did his thing on the field.

Clip is on

Anonymous adam said...
yeah kit it was pretty fun. actually 3 or 4 of us wrote arrangements (some of them alot cooler than the ones we played) of the song and were trying to get the band to play them. mr. keck was actually thinking the same thing as far as us playing it for our next away game (tech). we wanted to do anything to get the team pumped up, and we might actually be adding some stuff next year because ALOT of redcoats really enjoyed seeing the team respond to the band. this is my first year ever seeing that shit (and my 4th year in the band). so amidst all of that, keck called tom wallace and got him to throw an arrangement together really quickly and the rest is history basically. it was alot of fun for sure and it's been a hell of a year to be a redcoat (we also played happy BDay for munson and got to wear black under the uniform for the blackout).

Anonymous Bryan Carver said...
I know this is not related to Soulja Boy, but does anyone know the music that is played on the scoreboard montage right before "Saturday Night" - the orchestral, very booming drum piece - with all of the pictures of the dawgs going through practice and such? Thanks! Bryan

Anonymous Bryan Carver said...
Not trying to take up space, but just in case I wasn't clear enough in describing it, the song is the one at the start of this you tube video - Thanks again!

Blogger Ally said...
quote from Fernando Velasco at Grant Field Saturday:

"I had to listen a little closely, and somebody told me they were playing the 'Soulja Boy.' I'm real proud of the Redcoats for making that happen, just bringing some excitement to the sidelines."

ht: The Red & Black