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Saturday, November 24, 2007
Dear Georgia Tech,

I told you that we were superior to you. Yet again (for the seven straight time, in fact) we prove it on the field and give you more chances to say "wait 'til next year." For once, I agree with you. I can't WAIT until we can do this again next year.

Until then, eat shit.



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Anonymous Natalie said...
No one is surprised, friend.

You handle a ball better than we do.


You are so superior!

At least none of the dumbass uga fans spit on us this

Blogger NCT said...
If my past experience on Tech's campus is any indication, there was probably plenty of spitting and bottle-throwing by the losing Tech fans. Win or lose, Tech fans are the poorest sports I've ever encountered. From vandalizing cars to packs of nerds intimidating families, it's a sorry, sorry excuse of a campus on game days.

I guess that's what being a loser in so many ways does to a person.

Anonymous Natalie said...
Its cute how you act like UGA fans are role models of how a fan should act. UGA fans are the ones who drunkenly destroy property and are disrespectful to the other team's fans... win or lose.

But seriously, Congratulations on the win.

Blogger NCT said...
No, Natalie. I never said UGA fans were role models. I know your admission to Tech means that you are able to read. Some UGA fans are role models. Some are assholes. Same with Tech fans. We've all seen terrible things from other fans. Like the time I saw a group of Tech fans (probably students, judging by their appearance) descend on a carful of Georgia fans (including young children) after a game at Tech and rip off the Georgia paraphernalia and start rocking the car back and forth as though they were attempting to flip it over. Law enforcement finally showed up to get things under control. And that was after a Tech victory.

Do I think that (and many other instances of rude behavior by Tech fans) means that all Tech fans are jerks? No. But it suggests they certainly have their share and have no justification to point fingers. Glass houses and all that.

Have Georgia fans done terrible things? Yes. You should bear in mind that not every Tech fan lives up to what most of us consider decent behavior. No one corners the market on assholery.

Quit acting like Georgia's the only school with dumbass fans. Open your eyes and acknowledge that students and fans of your own school get drunk and do obnoxious and criminal things, too.

Or keep deluding yourself. I don't care. We could swap stories about horrible things done by the other school's fans, and you'd still probably think that UGA fans are assholes. Have fun with that.

It's just funny how fans see obnoxious behavior by other fans of their school as aberrations, but when it's the other guys, it's evidence of the entire fanbase.

Blogger Russell said...

Thank you for the congratulations on the victory. I don't know many Tech fans that are as gracious as you are in defeat.

But you simply must stop this notion that only UGA has rude fans. Again I bring up the Tech wins in 1998 and 2000 when your team, students, and alumni tore our hedges apart. And the fact that a truck I was driving was pelted by beer bottles as I was leaving your campus.

There are idiot fans at EVERY school, including Georgia and GTU. Stop writing as though GTU has no supporters that make poor decisions when it comes to representing your technical college.

The more you cling to this misplaced notion about GTU, the less credibility you have.

Blogger NCT said...
That was much better put than my poor effort, russell. I hardly ever take the games themselves very seriously, but I often get unreasonably upset about the smack talk surrounding the games.

There are nerds at UGA. There are obnoxious rednecks at Tech. My Tech brothers and I have both nerdish and obnoxious streaks in us (although none of us throws bottles, and I'm comfortable in assuming Natalie doesn't, either).

Blogger Paige said...
In the many years that I have been watching/going to UGA games I've seen my share of idiot fans on both sides of the ball. It really ticks me off though when people make gross generalizations about a whole group of people like that. Every team from pop warner to the NFL has idiot fans who do not have respect for anyone including themselves. That does not mean that every fan of any particular institution is that way. If anyone thinks that then maybe they need to open their eyes a little bit and grow up. I'm a huge UGA fan and have been from the time I was about 3 (according to my mom) and I've been known to start a few fights. I tend to tell fans of my own team to sit down and shut up if they are being obnoxious. I've never started a fight with nor rubbed in a victory against another matter how much I hate their team. Not all fans are disrespectful. Actually I'd say the disrespectful fans of any team are the minority.

Anonymous natalie said...
I realize that ALL UGA fans are not belligerent drunken idiots. I mean, hell, at the game yesterday there was thousands of UGAers.. I guess the negative always tends to stand out though. I have a lot of friends at UGA, and I do know that most of the fans are not rude and mean. I guess the ones that are just really really really really piss me off.

Anyways, gross generalizations do suck- all tech kids are socially inept nerds. All tech females are ugly. Not too fair, is it?

Blogger Russell said...
Natalie said; "Anyways, gross generalizations do suck - all tech kids are socially inept nerds. All tech females are ugly. Not too fair, is it?"

No, it's not and we know that those statements aren't entirely true ;-). But no one is saying that we cease to make fun of each other either.

What fun is a rivalry without being able to point out each other's shortcomings both on and off the field also making use of that witty banter that "makes you sick".

It's when you start to speak of fan behavior and taking up a position of superiority when your fans are guilty of the same actions; that's when you switch from using your words well to talking out of your ass. It doesn't represent you or your trade school very well.

Cheers on a well fought game. I expect you pop up again in January when UGA gets its ass handed to them by GTU in men's basketball. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday season.

Anonymous Natalie said...
Okay, see you in a few weeks when your ass does get handed to you. :)

Merry Christmas!