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Thursday, November 29, 2007
First of all, sorry the posting has been light this week. It's partly because the holidays make work a mess and secondly because I'm flat out exhausted. Anyway, here's the last post on the Tech win. Hope you enjoy it!

Nerds, nerds, nerds. I told you guys that you couldn’t do it, didn’t I? I tried to warn y’all that we were superior and to stop all the trash talking because it was going to come back to haunt you. Now, we’ve finished off the regular season and I have over a month to rub this debacle in your face. Oh how sweet it is, indeed.

We’ve already talked X’s and O’s. Dawg fans already know that you’re going to lick your wounds with tongues screaming “poor officiating.” I’ve already heard enough of that from the people I work with and to be honest, if you want to cry about officiating, you’re doing it to the wrong team. We’ve had two games this year where we were hosed by the officiating crew, and still managed to win both. Besides, does anyone really want to revisit 1999 and the “fumble?” I didn’t think so.

What’s really getting me right now is that after a whole week of the banter on this site regarding “class,” you losers find it necessary to have urinal splash guards saying “Piss on The Dawgs” or “Piss on Georgia.” Then, you top it off with putting “To Hell With Georgia” on your scoreboard. I understand it’s one of your sayings because we do the same thing towards you in some of our cheers, but come on. I can poke fun at your school all day, but I would be absolutely ashamed if our athletic department pulled that kind of stunt. Trash talk is trash talk, but does your administration feel the pressure of being insignificant as well? Looks like we’ve gotten to you guys in a way that even I didn’t think was possible.

Seriously, SHOW some class, stop TALKING about it. At least our smack talk is not school endorsed. Not that you needed that much help, but if you want to take the extra steps to put any reputation you had in the trash, then go ahead. You won’t expect that kind of behavior from us next year when the game’s in Athens. You won’t see slogans damning your team on our scoreboard for your kids to see. To quote a great man, “We don’t do that at Georgia.”

You know another thing we don’t do at Georgia? Order code reds. That’s right. We might throw a late hit here or there (no one’s claiming to be sparklingly clean, or anything), but nothing like this:

This guy was ejected NOT for dirty play but because someone in Red and Black was going to get medieval on his ass for sure. He’s like a mobster who just ratted out the Family…jail is the only safe place for him.

Moving on, you’ve now gone and disgraced your school AND fired your coach. Hey, I quasi-agree with the move of canning Gailey. He couldn’t beat UGA, couldn’t win the ACC, and (most importantly) couldn’t develop a QB. With all the talent around him *cough* Calvin Johnson *cough*, you have to find a QB who can feed the ball to your playmakers. If that guy can’t count to four, then you’ve failed.

In Gailey’s defense however, he never missed a bowl (blue turf and nut bowls count…albeit not for much) and never recorded a losing season at Tech. It’s tough to recruit against UGA for the other SEC schools with better facilities and better (or at least the presence of) girls, so think about how tough of a job Gailey had in front of him. What? You don’t believe me? You have to sell tickets in combo packs just to get asses in seats. UGA doesn’t have that problem. Your issues dig a lot deeper than an overrated former NFL offensive coordinator.

Now is a poor time to fire a head coach. I highly doubt you are going to want to throw the big time money to find a proven coach, so you’ll be taking another shot in the dark. You can go get Coach Edsall at UConn, keep Tenuta around, throw some cash at Paul Johnson, or even try to get Will “Boom Mother F*cker!” Muschamp, but are you really going to throw the scads of cash needed to get someone proven? I wouldn’t think you would. You’d rather spend the money on splash guards for urinals. It gives new meaning to “pissing away money” doesn’t it?

The truth is you Tech fans are UGA fans from ’96 – ’00. You got a guy that could recruit, but couldn’t coach the talent, and couldn’t beat a hated rival. We’re the Florida to your UGA. Trust me, it’s a tough position to be in. I’d be frustrated too.

I still don’t like you Tech. In fact, I still hate your guts, but individually I guess you can be OK sometimes. I mean N@talie, though misguided, is not a bad person. Again, SEVERELY misguided, but an "OK" human being in general. So think of today as a brand new day. You have no coach, no direction, and the future looks bleak. It’s like more of the same, but now without a person to blame it on.

If you want to disagree with me, I’ll be over here discussing our Top 4 ranking, upcoming BCS Bowl appearance, SEC Eastern Division Champion and Co-Champion titles four out of the past seven seasons, and our dominance over you for seven years and counting. Feel free to interrupt me at any time unless you’re going to say “wait until next year.”

We’ve all heard that enough haven’t we?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Ally said...
This post should be followed by an applause track.

Anonymous SonuvaDawg said...
Great article. Keep up the good work Kit. You're on my list of daily blog visits and I always enjoy your articles!

Blogger Chris said...

I love it. (continue to) Wreck Tech!