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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Sorry again for the List being late this week. Been sick all day and just haven't felt like putting this up.

With all the Blackout talk, I figured it seemed only appropriate to base this week’s List around it. Tomorrow, we focus on Kentucky. The Blackout will be put behind us.

The Ten Things the Blackout Did for UGA:

10. It showed the fans what they were capable of – UT 2000, LSU 2004, and Auburn 2003 are all times where the fans were really into the game and I believe had a direct effect on the outcome. However, what happened on Saturday showed them all what they really can do, and I think it surprised them to know they could be that effective.

9. It showed the team that we do have their back after all – The “boo birds” have plagued this team like something given to you after a romp with Britney Spears: it’s annoying, but probably won’t kill you. This team sat back and listened to the likes of “holier than thou” alumni boo them after making a mistake, yet kept playing their hearts out and improving weekly. After Saturday, at least they know that when they ask for a favor, they’re going to get it.

8. It gave Mark Richt a chance to give back to the team – You have to admit, this man cares about his football players. They asked for this opportunity and he saw a chance to say “What the heck? If they want it and have earned it, they deserve it.” Kudos to him for letting them have a little fun.

7. It created some national attention – We absolutely dominated the Florida game but really didn’t get the hype we deserved from it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine by me to fly under the radar, but at least the Blackout created a little bit of drama on top of the extremely solid play of the team.

6. It got the recruits fired up – The Blackout game might go down as our best day of recruiting ever. Not only did we impress nearly every kid that watched the game, we did it in a fashion no other team we’re competing against could. One of the top O-linemen in the country, Zebrie Sanders, seems like a lock to be a Dawg and will make his decision in early December, a five-star DB de-committed to Miami (FL) and completely eliminated them while placing the Dawgs in his top four, and uber recruit A.J. Harmon was spotted at UGA AGAIN dressed in Red and Black and was enjoying himself to the fullest extent.

5. It gave the team swagger – Yes, it’s going to be a challenge to recreate this kind of emotion, will to win, hype, etc. after every game like this, but the team you watch take the field next Saturday will be one that expects to win and have fun doing it. With this week being senior week and the week following being the game against Tech, I don’t see us having trouble getting motivated to take it the distance. If we do, though, it’s going to be a rough next couple of weeks.

4. It raised the bar for 2008 and 2009 – I think it’s fine to want to win SEC Championships, but with the talent we have and will return for both of those years, we need to set the bar higher. If we’re not talking about a Nat’l Championship by 2009, I’ll be severely disappointed.

3. It silenced the “pundits” – Anyone calling for Willie Martinez’s head today? What about Muschamp to Georgia? I turned the corner a week or two ago when I noticed Slick Willie was scheming more aggressively, citing that at least he was TRYING to do something different. Our team responded to the added challenge of a pressure Defense and has shown great resolve the past three games. We’ll see how it works the next two weeks, but if things keep going this way, then maybe Martinez isn’t so bad after all…

2. It silenced the boosters – “Dear Dink, I don’t believe I need $6 million a year because I own the entire state of Alabama as well as the right side of Florida. Love, CMR”

1. It’s something to look forward to again – Unlike what I previously thought, I’m not sure this black jersey thing is a one trick pony. The players love it and the fans REALLY loved it. I believe there might be a new tradition of one Blackout game per year. Can anyone say UT 2008?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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