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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Man I have missed my recaps. I usually hate doing the previews and recaps towards the end of the season, but I was really looking forward to both of them this time around.

So after the absolute destruction of Hawaii last night, there’s a ton of stuff to touch on. Let’s get to it.

The Exceptional:

Coach Willie Martinez – Seriously, this guy schemed a perfect game last night. I said that it would be beneficial to stunt a bunch of players, but only rush 3 or 4 and drift the rest into coverage. I turned out to be pretty right, except that we didn’t even need to stunt. Our D-line was so much bigger and quicker than their smaller O-line there was no reason to play possum. We were going after the QB every play and we succeeded. What resulted was 8 sacks and 3 interceptions by the “superb” QB in Colt Brennan. Helluva job by CWM. Schemed a masterful defensive plan.

Coach Mark Richt – Is it just me, or do you love Evil Mark Richt? He tried to get as many seniors involved as possible (though I was disappointed to know I had to wait until the 4th quarter before I saw Kregg Lumpkin) and really let Mike Bobo go out there and put us in a position to dominate. Regardless of what those clueless announcers were saying in some of his calls being “classless,” I think it’s pretty safe to say that Mark Richt is tired of being nice and waiting for good things to come to him for it. He wants a MNC as much as the fans and the players do, and he is going to start playing the game to put us in that position. He wanted us to dominate them and he got his wish. I have no problem with it at all.

Marcus Howard – Damn.

The Good:

The Running Game – Cut 2nd and long into 3rd in short multiple times to keep crucial drives going. TB got most of the carriers for a number of reasons, but Knowshon again looked solid as a rock on some of those runs. Again, I was a little disappointed in getting KL in so late, but I’m sure there was a good reason for that. He’s a good kid and Richt wouldn’t hold him out as punishment. Brennan Southerland and the entire O-line need to be credited with solid blocking efforts as they continually created opportunities for our guys to break one.

The Entire Defense – We did everything right. The only problems I saw was where we missed a couple of tackles late, but seriously, that’s as nit picky as it can possibly get. We played our most solid defensive game I’ve seen all season and just GATA the whole way through. Since Hawaii can’t run to save their lives, we had three weeks to prepare a pass rush and zone scheme that would confuse Brennan and it worked to perfection. Great, great, great, great job by these guys.

Kickers – From Brandon Coutu nailing a 52-yard kick that would’ve been good from 65, to Brian Mimbs throwing down some ninja-justice on a Hawaii player, these guys had an exceptional night. We still kick really short on kickoffs; which bothers me, but as far as the kickers go, we couldn’t have had a better night. One thing I like about Mimbs’ sneak attack…he looked for the ref first so that he wouldn’t draw a penalty. Welcome to the SEC.

The Bad:

Stafford’s throwing -- His audibles last night were the best plays he made. He was largely off target for a majority of the evening; making only a couple of really tough throws. I’m not sure if his mechanics just weren’t working or what, but he was high, wide, and short all night long. Seriously though, to be on the stage that he was on at his age (yes people, he’s still only a sophomore) and keep the poise that he kept all night long, it confirms he’s a leader. Once he lets his talent catch up to his mental understanding of the offense, the kid is going to be unstoppable.

Kregg’s Late Substitution – Sorry, but KL has always been my boy and I wish he could’ve gotten in with the first team. It would’ve been nice to see him break off a decent run or two before he had to hang up his “G” laces.

The Ugly:

Colt Brennan – I mean ungodly ugly at that. Every time I saw him throw a pick, I could hear Keanu Reeves’ monologue from “The Replacements” about quicksand. It was like watching a train wreck and when the backup came in and led a drive ending in a touchdown, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I kind of felt bad for old Colt 45, but then I remembered how cocky he is. Sometimes you just need to be humbled and this time, he got it in a big way. I read a quote that said he took some tips from Tebow about Georgia and if he beat UGA whereas Tebow couldn’t, Brennan said “it would validate a lot of things for him.” One thing absolutely validated for sure were the eye-witness reports saying that he was losing it on the sideline crying and being consoled by about 10 different players. Rumor has it, he learned the crying trick from Tebow as well. Let it flow, Colt. Your mental meltdown cost you a few million in signing bonuses for sure.

Mommy is it over yet?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Chris said...
I have loved reading your blog this season. Looking forward to the next season, and thanks to your blog I feel like I will be an informed fan instead of just a fan.

Keep it up!


Blogger Oob said...
Nicely put, my friend. (much better than my .02 by a mile...) I second Chris as well. GO DAWGS!!!

Blogger dean said...
I don't know if ya'll have heard this yet or not but Colt was getting of the plane in Hawaii when he saw someone approaching in a black shirt and suddenly hauled ass the other way crying all the while.
Damn good to be a DAWG.