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Monday, January 14, 2008
Let me first start off by saying this: I am not perfect..not even in a remotely, half-assed, kinda-coming-close way. I am to perfect what TMZ is to respectable world news. It is what it is.

However, lately I’ve seen a lot of talk on message boards that bothers me. I’m not preaching; just voicing my completely biased opinion.

You see, it’s OK to be a homer. It’s completely in your right and my right to love the Dawgs as much as possible and to believe that no matter what, we can win every game. It’s OK to think that every Dawg is an All-American and is the greatest of all time. You’re completely wrong, but it’s OK to think it.

What really ticks me though, is when grown men attack kids. Things have really been set off over the continuing A.J. Harmon saga, but it happens all the time in and out of football season, but it really gets heightened when either 1) we’re losing or 2) we’re not getting the recruits we want.

I will never condone booing players. I think it’s as classless as a Tubberville-ordered Code Red, and there’s no room for it in our program. It would do us all a lot of good to take a look at Mark Richt and not only celebrate his success on and off the field, but emulate his passion and understanding in regards to how we speak about our team. It’s not our position to boo our players when we feel they are underperforming, and it’s certainly not our right to speak negatively about a kid who is waffling in the midst of making one of the biggest decisions of his entire life at the ripe old age of 17.

In early February, I’ll be 27 years old. You know how long it takes me to decide things? I absolutely gruel over decisions that require any thought whatsoever. If it’s not clear-cut, I’m taking my time and deciding when I want and when I feel comfortable. Heck, I even agonized over whether or not to really go to Georgia and it was my DREAM. I always wanted to go to school there, but it was still tough for me as a small-town kid to go to a school that literally had a student population that was four times the size of my entire town. Sometimes even the most desired decisions are the not the easiest ones to make. Ask any lottery winner.

All I’m saying is part of being a die-hard fan is respecting the people that allow you to be what you are. There’s not a bone in me that thinks Mark Richt would take $1 million more a year over having 30 hours in a day during the season so he could spend more time with his family. That bone is right next to another one that says Kregg Lumpkin would’ve gave his left arm to have not been hurt for most of his final season. And THAT bone is next to another that understands when recruits enjoy the attention given to them by men who are well-respected and well-known throughout the entire country.

You mean to tell me that if Joe Paterno calls you tomorrow, regardless of who you were committed to, that you wouldn’t listen? Heck, if I was the best ever at my position and committed to UGA, I’d still talk to Joe Pa. I’d stick to my commitment (key phrase), but I’d still listen. He’s f*cking Joe Pa, man.

I read the and the message boards (though I never post) and there are a few cats on there that need to shut their mouths but they are outweighed by the many, many more great fans that love their team and respectfully show it. Thankfully, those that need to shut up have been dealt with by the Rivals staff and have been blacklisted from the site. To the Rivals folks, I applaud you. Well done. I know The Good Senator is a Rivals member and I think PWD posts on Scout, so I’d be interested to see their takes on this, but for me, I’m glad to see bad Dawg fans get what they deserve.

And I’m sorry if I’m rambling, but all I’m saying is that when you run your mouth or show your ass, it hurts our team more than you can imagine. Many recruits (especially this year) have openly admitted to reading the message boards and listening to the talk that goes on both during the season as well as during the off-season. Also, those within the Athletic Association read what is being written over all message boards and blogs as well. Just remember that the next time you feel the need to vent your frustrations.

So the next time you want to run your trap about a current player or recruit, remember that you’re helping them decide not to play for us. Loose lips sink ships and all that.

Just some food for thought. Sorry for the rant.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous DawgsofWar said...
Well said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm a member of UGA.Rivals and when my membership expires, I will not renew. It has become a forum for the absurd and although I realize the moderators can't possible police the site (after all, even idiots are paying customers) the venom that is spewed by the minority has basically ruined it. I've decided that I'll eventually find out from the better blogs who gets recruited and eventually signed. That's good enough for me...and it's free (at least for now...)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ditto that. I read both sites, sucscribe to one, post seldom. It is truly discouraging to hear/see the crap that's on there. Some posters should just quit their jobs and start their own college teams, I mean after all, they've got all the answers. Thanks for giving me a chance to "vent" too.

Anonymous Hill Dawg said...
Delighted to see a "youngster" feel the same way I do about people who boo their own team and people,who are old enough to be adults, belittling college and high school kids. I've been attending UGA football games for almost fifty years. Still get nervous right before a game. Still have trouble sleeping when we lose. I also still try to correct those idiots wearing red & black that boo the Dawgs. They are the one that could not grab their butts with both hands if they were on the field in front of 92,000 people and obviously never played the game. Please continue to chastise them on a regular basis. Maybe some can be trained.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Amen. I started reading the Scout forum during the long offseason last year and eventually started posting a little. During the meltdown after the loss to Tennessee, I fought the good fight trying to open the eyes of those who couldn't see how good we Dawg fans have it. (Thankfully, Coach Richt and crew vindicated me in every possible way.) Eventually, I tired of the endless stream of negativity and just plain stupidity and stopped reading altogether.

Now that the season is done and the news is drying up, I find myself compelled to check in every once in a while to get my fix. Unfortunately, people don't get any smarter in between visits.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You think there are morons on there? You should read the ajc blogs about the Dawgs....its the dumbass Dawg fans fighting with even dumber Florida, Tech and UT fans. I am sure your IQ goes down just clicking on the page.