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Thursday, February 14, 2008
In a post that I put up just last night (that was actually started last Friday...that's how busy I've been), I said that we have problems with our basketball program.  Now, in Hey Jenny Slater fashion, I'd like to pose the question of "care to amend your statement?" to myself.

Do I think UGA is a bad basketball team?


Do I think Felton is a bad coach?

In areas.

Do I care to amend my statement?


You see, what we have here is a team that is as night and day as a team can be.  Our one bright spot is the will, determination, dare I say heart, of a few players who HAVE bought into Felton's system and are willing to play basketball to the best of their abilities even throughout tough times.

There should not be a person out there who can question Sundiata Gaines, Dave Bliss, or even Jeremy Price.  Those three guys have proven they can play ball and can put all they have into what's happening on and off the court.

I have said repeatedly that Felton's teams always play good defense, but have been inept on offense.  Sure, we might score points like we did last night, but it hasn't happened often.

There are bright spots, though.  The meat and potatoes of Felton's recruiting is currently sitting on the bench earning redshirts and the class for 2008 and 2009 have some big-time guys in them.  I'm not saying Felton is doing a bad job.  There are just areas that need VAST improvement.

We're already out of the NCAA tourney.  It'd take a SEC tourney win to even come close to sniffing the field of 64.  Are we out of the NIT?  I think we are, but if we can rattle off a huge home win against UT this Saturday, and make a remarkable (and damn near impossible) run towards the end of the schedule PLUS pick up a couple of SEC tourney wins, then MAYBE we get a look at the NIT.  With the SEC being so down this year, however, it seems that most of our conference's teams are looking to be in the second-best tourney which would leave us out.  

So, do I care to amend my statement?  Again, I do not.  I still don't think this program is focused enough on and off the court to really get things where we need them to be.  With Felton's defensive mind, if we could get some offense, we'd be dangerous as hell.  But until we find THAT kid who can take our program to the next level, we're not going to be feared.  We're respected because of our defense, but it will be our offense that will turn this program around.

Anyway, it's a great win for the Dawgs and The Bulldawg Blawg has a good post that is not related to mine, but makes you feel better for the time being.  

Let's just hope we come out with a win against UT on Saturday.  If we do that, then who knows?  The train might just find its way back to the tracks.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dave Bliss has proven he can play ball? In relation to who? He's a hard worker and he has improved. My intention isn't to slam him, but NO WAY should he be starting for us or any other SEC team. We lost 50-60% of our scoring(Stukes, Brown and Mercer) from last year's NIT team and replaced them with true Frosh. With this mesh of overmatched upperclassmen(except Yata) and true Frosh who are having to play major minutes, we've got to make it an ugly game to win or keep it close.