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Saturday, February 02, 2008
Ok, I just finished watching today's contest against the Wildcats and there are a few observations to make.

The Pros:
  • Offensively, we showed vast improvement when compared to the last two games.
  • Defensively, we still continue to keep the pace of the game at a tempo we're comfortable with.
  • We called timeouts.  
  • Dave Bliss
  • We actually went on a scoring run.  17-5 at some point, I believe.
The Cons:
  • Not enough offensive improvement for me to sit back and say we had an offensive gameplan.
  • We're still not experienced enough defensively to play man coverage effectively.
  • We lost.

I'm sure there are many more things to touch on, but I haven't followed this year's team close enough to really be able to break things down like I normally would.  I'm sure PWD is going to take care of that, so be sure to run over there sometime in the next day or so and check it out.

Me personally, I know Felton is recruiting like his mind is bad, but unless we find a way to run an offense, we're always going to have sub-par seasons.  Things missing from this team include a dominant big man, consistent ball movement, and a clutch shooter.  Some of those will take care of themselves with the gained experience and the solid recruiting.  However, if we don't find an offensive identity soon, I don't know if Dennis Felton will ever get to coach these kids he's bringing in.

Until next time kids.

Be safe. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are we that bad of a perimeter shooting team or just in a collective shooting slump? I rarely get to watch the Dawgs where I live and basically get my post-mortem info from box scores.

It sounds like the heart is there (Bliss and Sundiata), but we just don't have any skill on the outside which isn't good for a team with virtually no inside presence.