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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Every year there's signing day drama. This year was no different when Dwayne Allen switched his commitment from UGA to Clemson. I guess the kid felt more at home there, didn't like the depth at UGA, or whatever. I have said before that I can't stand it when grown men bash kids, but it would be nice (even though it is a very difficult decision) for a kid to take his time with the process, take his visits, and then decide and stick with it. What's particularly frustrating about the Dwayne Allen situation is that he committed to UGA TWICE and still changed his mind.

Either way, our class is solid as a rock from top to bottom and even though we were the #5 recruiting class in the nation by, as far as addressing needs, our coaches should get a solid A. It would've been nice to have Allen, Hunter, Sanders, etc., but the truth is we just didn't have room for kids who were wavering. We've had absolute studs give us their word and stick to it the whole time. I'd much rather have a class of kids like that than one athlete who can't figure out if it's a good business decision for him or not.

Besides, with Allen's departure we have an extra scholarship to give away next year in a recruiting class that is going to be tight on available slots. We have some needs that we absolutely must address in the '09 class and one more kid to add to that list would be ideal.

So, I may or may not write a long piece about this recruiting class since others will most likely do the same, but what you need to know right now is that we've addressed our needs, we currently have an extra scholarship to give away, and we have a damn fine football team in the waiting for next year.

I'd say the future is bright, but I've already got my shades on.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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