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Monday, March 03, 2008
Sorry it's taken longer than expected to post up the #1.  Unfortunately there are two games that I can't even try to decipher as the complete #1.  So, you get this honorary #1 and then the other one will come up in a few days.


1. Auburn 2003 – It’s always a good game when UGA and Auburn meet on the field. It’s also a very rare occurrence to have UGA leave Sanford Stadium with a victory against the visiting EagPlainTigers. This home and home series is so lopsided that “home field advantage” never crosses anyone’s minds. Auburn was having another good season and had quite the solid team, just like in years before. They were also still VERY pissed off about us squeaking one out against them in 2002. Auburn came in looking for some respect and were also still in the hunt for the SEC West crown. A win against UGA would prove to be a huge deal for them trying to get to Atlanta since it was apparent at the time that Alabama was not going to give them any fits. UGA also had a lot to play for as this was a crucial piece to another SEC East crown and a date with either LSU or a rematch with Auburn in Atlanta. Another year, another game against Auburn, and another must-win. 

It was also my very last game in a Redcoat uniform in Sanford Stadium. Everything was in place for me to graduate, so this was the last time…guaranteed. That year’s game would prove to be much different than 2003’s though, as UGA definitively took the Tigers to the woodshed and then back again.  If you have any problem remembering what "woodshed" looks/feels like, let Mr. Blue show you...

Uncle Vern drops a "de-cleater" on you son.  You never saw it coming.

The “Money Shot Memory” begins as the Tigers are inching closer to the North end of the stadium and are looking to get a quick score before halftime. The student section was right there in the Plainsmen’s ears. It was loud and getting worse with every second the ball wasn’t snapped. Campbell took the ball from under center, dropped back, got in a little bit of a rush and threw on the run. The ball was tipped in the endzone and Odell “Oh Hell” Thurman grabbed it out of the air for a 99 yard score. The crowd went nuts and I knew we had this one sealed up. 

The audio is weak, so bring the noise by cranking up your speakers.

I was sitting next to my buddy Amos, who also was enjoying his last game in uniform, and I just said to him “It’s early in the evening in Athens, 65 degrees, our last game in Sanford, and the Dawgs are on the way to whipping Auburn’s ass. This is as good as it gets, my friend.” He looked at me, nodded, and we continued to soak up every moment like it was our last...mainly because in that aspect, it sadly was. 

After the win, Battle Hymn, Glory, and Glory Glory Dixieland never sounded better to an adoring crowd of proud parents, onlookers that were already waiting until next season, and senior Redcoats who were too choked up to play.  After the post-game concert, I remember looking at an empty stadium, turning to my parents who had been crying the whole time, and telling my dad through my on cheek-stained tears that I just wanted to go home. And then I left up the stairs with my back turned to the field.  I couldn't bring myself to get one last look.  

I haven’t felt the same in that stadium since then.

The true #1 Home Game is coming in a day or two.  Three guesses says you already know what it is.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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