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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
That's basically what the tone has been for this blog today.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the fact that Tigers as well as Dawgs have weighed in on my little rant from yesterday.  I appreciate all of the comments, even the one where someone said, "Get your facts straight before mom lets you on the computer."  

So, I'd like do just that.  Let's get some facts straight, shall we?

Fact:  RR was let go of his football scholarship FIRST.  Details were later released that he was offered a GA position.  Call it what you want, but as a PR major, there is an action, a public reaction and then possibly another reaction from the initial actor.  If the first action is acceptable, the reaction will the same and there will be no reaction from the actor.  The best way to avoid a horrible reaction is to be proactive and not do something stupid to begin with.

Fact:  Releasing RR in three years instead of the entire four is a PR equivalent of getting caught sleeping with your best friend's girlfriend.  Even if they probably weren't going to get married, it still is a pretty sh*tty thing to do.


Now, those are the facts.  What Tommy Bowden did was f*ck up and then try to cover his tracks later.  It is irrelevant if RR was offered a GA job.  He was offered a four-year football scholarship FIRST and then it was revoked when Tommy Bowden forgot how to add.  

Do football players go to college on scholarship to play ball and get an education?  Absolutely.  Do any of them anticipate being relieved of their ROOM AND BOARD scholarship in three years and then be offered a job that only pays a small wage?  NEGATIVE.  

So with that mindset, let me ask you this:  Would it have been OK for Tyrone Prothro to have his scholarship revoked just because he would've never been able to play again and an extra player was signed in his place?

Have the Clemson staff been good to RR and his little brother?  Yep.  Have the Clemson faithful been better?  Absolutely.  

The problem is not with the Clemson fans and not even with the school in general.  The problem lies within Mr. Clemson himself, Tommy Bowden.  The good news is that he probably learned it from his father, so I guess no one taught him better, which is sad (shout out: The Good Senator).  

Was I wrong to question his faith?  I probably was.  I'm man enough to say that.  I drink, party, cuss, etc. and I get angry when folks question mine, so that was a low blow on my end.  

But for the record, for those named Tommy Bowden and those that still support him through his f*ck up of enormous proportion:

You're still wrong.  Deal with it...kind of like how you've dealt with years and years of disappointment on the field.  

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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