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Thursday, March 06, 2008
Dear Mr. Moreno,

I say "Mr." because in the worst of circumstances, one should be forced to put that before your name.  Defenses may call you "Supreme-Shon" or perhaps even "Chancellor Touchdown."  I understand that while spring practice goes on, you will see little to no contact, but I know with your work ethic, you will still find a way to put pads to Defense ass even when you're probably not supposed to.

As my readership dwindles due to lack of posting and as The Song Writer moves me effortlessly from "Check every day" to "Check once a week," the chances of you, Mr. Moreno, seeing this are little to none, but I want to offer some advice towards the upcoming season:

  • When you're tired, come out of the game.  Caleb King is a solid backup and Dontavious Jackson may just be a stick of dynamite himself.  The options behind you have the tendency to act like a firecracker with a short fuse that you're holding in your hand.  Sure, you plan to get rid of it in time, but the next thing you know, you're burned and there's this ringing sound in your ears.  That will be the exact situation when Defenses think they can take it easy and get burned (on a long TD) and the ringing will be the thousands cheering.
  • If you know you're going to get tackled, go ahead and hit the ground. Sure, no one likes a bitch-ass football player, but you of all people, should know when the time is right to break a tackle and when it's OK to just go down.
  • Keep being the leader of this team.  Matt Stafford is your friend, your confidant, and your field general.  However, you are the spark that ignites the team and it's your Walter Peyton-esque style that gets people ready to play football.  Never lose that because it's more important than "hustle."
  • Keep having fun.  Hype comes after the performance, not before.  It's an honor for Defenses to have to scheme for your ability.  It's a privilege to still get your yardage and help your team win.  Your desire to play the game and be the best you can be will make you successful.
  • Respect those that came before you.  You have a lot to live up to, sir.  Walker, Hearst, Edwards, etc. all came before you and will still be mentioned after you have signed the dotted line to be a pro.  You can join the company, but you can never replace them.  Be who you are and the accolades within the Bulldog Nation will follow.  
It should be said that I only played a down of football in pee wee leagues and in pickup games.  However, I know a leader, a playmaker, and a symbol of a team when I see it.  Stafford is the guy that gets you the ball, the Offensive Line are the guys that get you the yards, and you will be the guy to hand that respect right back to them.  That is what a leader does.  

As I sit and ponder the upcoming season to get my mind off of other things and back to more pleasant times, I offer this editorial to you, Mr. Moreno.  I hope you read it and realize that you have hundreds of thousands of people who are rooting for you.  Take that and keep on going.  We all know good things are on the horizon.

Man crush over.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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