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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
I'm definitely not the first to report it, but Travis Leslie has committed to the Dawgs after coming to UGA and seeing what the team has to offer.  This wraps up a pretty good class for Felton, who still had great recruits coming in BEFORE we won the SEC Championship.

Leslie is a slasher like PWD said, but Groo brought up a good point over on The Dawgvent.  Leslie is not a shooter, but a high riser who uses his vertical skills to get points off of offensive rebounds.  If he's going to be a contributor to the team (and especially to our offense, which is still not great scheme-wise), he's got to learn to shoot the rock from 18 foot and in.   We'll be "OK" on the outside if Woodbury and Humphrey can get consistent and Albert Jackson and Jeremy Price have both shown that they can play the inside.  

I'm not sure if Leslie sees the court next year, but he probably will given that we'll have virtually no depth at PG and we'll need someone who can go inside and create plays.

So, welcome to the Dawgs, Leslie.  Here's hoping you can help take us back to the NCAAs.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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