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Monday, March 31, 2008
Ally passed along this gem to me earlier tonight and I felt the need to go ahead and vent about it a little.  Pete Fiutak has his BCS projections out already (isn't it still a bit early for all this?) and he lists UGA vs. Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl and Florida vs. Ohio State for the MNC.

Now, his reasons for UGA not making it to the Nat'l Championship are not unfounded.  The Dawgs play a BRUTAL schedule this year and as good as we are, it's going to be very tough to overcome the hand that's been dealt.  I can completely see where a pundit comes from when they say that it'll be nearly impossible to run the table this year.

What I have a problem with really is his uplifting of Florida to the MNC stage.  In fact, there are some major "ifs" in his article that I'd like to discuss for a second...

"Georgia might be the hot team going into the year, but Florida will be every bit as good if the secondary has overcome its growing pains."

Well, that's a big "if" chief.  I mean you're looking at a team that last year had the 98th ranked pass defense in the nation.  That's like saying "South Carolina is a MNC caliber team...if they can just get that "winning" thing down."

"The defense might not be better than Georgia's, but the offense will be unstoppable with Tim Tebow likely to be an even better passer, Percy Harvin on the verge of a monster season, and a real live running game ready to operate behind a line strong enough to push some people around." (emphasis added)

Well, here's a couple of things to remember.  Percy Harvin is about to miss the rest of the spring due to a heel injury that looks to be VERY serious.  Even if he is able to play this fall, I still don't think he'll be up to full speed until maybe halfway through the season.

Then, you have Tim Tebow, who despite having apparently the best running back to ever live in Emmanuel Moody (!!!11!!1!!!!111!!!!eleven!!), has to endure another SEC season of getting his collective ass kicked every time he runs the ball.  Make no mistake, the Heisman winner hasn't won a MNC in a few years for a reason.  Once you have that trophy, everyone wants to beat the crap out of you.  

Lastly in regards to that blurb above; doesn't defense win championships?

Finally, we have this nugget of wisdom.

"Next 10 considered (based on talent, schedules, and/or potential to win a conference title): 1) West Virginia, 2) Clemson, 3) LSU, 4) Virginia Tech, 5) South Florida, 6) Texas, 7) Texas Tech, 8) Kansas, 9) Penn State, 10) Auburn."

So let me get this straight.  UGA vs. Florida might be for the SEC East, the SEC in general and a spot in the MNC, but the Dawgs may not be the anywhere around the top 10 teams to play for the title should Florida and/or Ohio State not make it?  

Seriously, Pete, if you're going to say things like "Georgia may be the hot team" or "Florida may not have Georgia's defense" you have to at least throw the Dawgs a bone in the 10.  Besides, half of those teams haven't won ANYTHING yet.  For example, Clemson, South Florida, Texas Tech, Kansas and Auburn all have combined for ONE conference title since 2004 (I might be wrong on that, but I doubt it).  That's half of your "National Champion Caliber" teams that haven't done, well, sh*t.

I swear, I'm not being a douche bag when I ask what makes Florida (or any of these other "top ten teams") an instant contender for the Nat'l Title.  If anyone can drop that knowledge on me, PLEASE, I implore you to do so.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I actually unsubscribed from CFN's RSS feed a few weeks ago because their "analysis" (read: knob-slobbing) got so ridiculously off base. I highly recommend everyone else do the same. You won't be missing anything at all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't think he means the next 10 to be in the Champ game...I think it means the next 10 for a BCS game period.