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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
For those who aren't members of some of the subscription sites, here's a couple of quick nuggets to chew on regarding how spring practice is going:

  • Caleb King is having some small knee trouble, but everything is OK.  From what I've read, he looks REALLY good in drills.
  • Knowshon continues to not get too much work so he can stay injury free.  He's taking part in drills, but not really seeing any real contact.
  • Our Defense has been getting our Offense's goat more often than not.  I see that as a really good thing since I think our Offense is going to be solid, excluding our O-line, which is really thin.
  • Kenneth Harris and Mo Mass are seeming to be the top two WRs going into the fall.  Kris Durham is doing well also.  Personally, I think Mo Mass is going to be the threat we've all expected him to be once you combine his pass catching ability with his blocking skills.
  • Richard Samuel might just stay at running back after all.  Apparently, he's a more polished blocker than Dontavious Jackson and we all know that in order to play RB for Richt, you have to be able to protect that QB first.  Personally, I think we're stacked at RB and since D-Jax can't play LB, we should move Samuel and his athletic ability over so he can give us some playmaking ability on that side of the ball.  That's just me though.
Personally, I think people are going to be REALLY impressed with what they see on G-day.  The Dawgs still have some trouble spots remaining, but word is that we're lightening fast on Defense and we've got legitimate playmakers on Offense.

Is the hype justified?  I'm not sure quite yet, but I know I'm pretty damn pumped about this upcoming season.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Matthew said...
It all depends on the O-line. We will have a stellar (and deep) defense, and we will have known playmakers on offense. But Stafford is prone to force the ball when under pressure, and establishing the run is so important for our offense. For those reasons, I really think our O-line determines if we have a 3-4 loss season vs. an undefeated or 1 loss season.