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Friday, March 14, 2008
So, in "didn't see this one coming" news, an unconfirmed tornado has apparently ravaged downtown Atlanta.  As of right now, the SEC games in the Georgia Dome are postponed until further notice and the Omni is being evacuated.

Many are wondering how a tornado can rip right through an area that is 1) not flat and 2) not open, which makes creating a funnel cloud extremely tough.  For an answer, we got in touch with Mother Nature, who had this response:

"First, I apologize for all the damage, but sometimes stuff happens.  The truth is, I was gunning for Georgia Tech due to it being an eyesore and major source of embarrassment to the city, but I sneezed in the process and hit the Georgia Dome instead.  Sorry, but it's been warm lately and all the pollen just got to me."

Mother Nature then told us here on the Dawg-gone Blog staff that she had to go because she's got another storm cell building and she doesn't want to miss two times in a row.

More to come later.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and get away from the window!).

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