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Saturday, April 05, 2008
Stafford starts out with a playfake and throws in the flat to Kris Durham who gets a VERY nice gain of about 20 yards.  His speed really seems to has picked up.

Knowshon for some reason is wearing #26 (update:  he's wearing it to honor Tony Wilson).  No indication as of yet why he has that.  Moreno got the first carry and gets a good 4 yards out of it.  Knowshon gets the next carry and runs a misdirection and gets a good 10 yards and a first down.

Stafford fakes the handoff on the next play and gets a little bit of time up front and throws a BEAUTIFUL pass to Michael Moore who has also had an impressive spring.  The kick is good (we have a kicker?) and the Red is up 7-0.

Just some random thoughts from the first series:

  • Stafford showed really nice fundamentals on the pass to Michael Moore.  
  • Up front we look "OK" on both sides of the ball.  Neither time that Moreno ran the ball did he have a big hole.  It was more of him making things happen.

The next series begins with Joe Cox handing off to Caleb King.  Right now, King isn't looking too great, but I think more of that has to do with very little blocking up front.  We don't seem to be getting after it too much in the trenches on the O-line.  

Joe Cox on 3rd down threw a BEAUTIFUL pass to Israel Troupe, who makes a nice catch.   Troupe looks great in pads.  Big kid.

On the first down after the big gain, Cox is sacked.  I can tell you that Joe Cox has NO protection up front.  Caleb King gets the handoff on the second down and makes a nice run.  He's got a good second gear that allows him to get a nice burst once he makes a good cut.  

King gets the next handoff and gets another first down.  He's running hard and seems to be much more downhill than Knowshon.  They are still both REALLY quick, but King seems to be really into hitting people and driving them back.  Reminds me a lot of Thomas Brown's mentality.  

After a quick throw out in the flat for 5 yards, Cox is sacked again.  In the real world, he makes that throw, but it goes down as a sack.  On the next down, Cox throws kind of an ill-advised pass to Bruce Figgins.  Walk-on Andrew Jenson hits a 47 yard field goal for a 7-3 score.

On the next series, Stafford keeps on the bootleg and gets about 7 yards it looks like.  C.J. Byrd is the one that tags him.  Stafford throws on the next down and Asher Allen nearly picks it off.  To me it looks like Durham didn't curl as soon as he was supposed to and Asher nearly picked it off.

On 3rd & 4, Stafford is sacked by Jarius Wynn.  It'll most likely be a "punt" situation and the Black team will take it.

1st Quarter Thoughts:

  • I'm starting to agree with Richt when he says that he doesn't feel that our O-line is where it was last year.  They're just not that mean up front even though athletically they look fantastic.  They're big, but not moving really well.
  • The running backs are impressing me.  Knowshon looks good of course, but Caleb King showed some determination on his runs.  
  • Our D-line is causing some havoc up front on both sides of the ball.  Some of that has to do with our O-line not being where it should be, but our War Daddies defensively are really getting after it.
2nd Quarter Highlights next.

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Blogger BobbyH said...
On that iffy pass to Figgins, Cox had Troupe WIDE open on a corner route you couldn't see on the tv.

Blogger Ludakit said...

I did see that on the replay, but the pace of the game was moving so fast that I didn't have time to go back and add it.

I like Joe Cox, but his decision making is what makes him the solid #2. Good kid, great for the lockerroom, but sometimes he doesn't make the best decisions.

Did you get to go to the game? Any things you saw that I might have missed?

Blogger BobbyH said...
Yep, we were there. There was another pass later where Cox threw short on an out route into coverage when he had a deeper man wide open. He was rolling to the 'Black' sideline. That was two potential TDs he missed out on. Maybe he was just a little gun shy after the earlier blocking issues. I like him as well but was a little disappointed in those reads. He clearly knows the system and can usually execute but he missed those.

I think you got most everything I noticed. That kicker Behr looked very good I thought. I had a hard time keeping up with who was who because that G-Day roster the school put out was way off.

Enjoyed reading your take on it all.