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Saturday, April 05, 2008
Did I ever mention that I hate listening to Buck?  Thank God he didn't get the announcing job in place of Larry.

Brian Mimbs kicks it away and Reshad Jones catches at the 30.  Mark Richt is joining the guys in the booth in the 3rd Quarter today as opposed to the 2nd.  Can't wait to hear what he has to say.

Joe Cox throws in the flat to Caleb King where he gets about 9 yards.  Our WR blocking wasn't that great on the play as some guys really neglected to get in front of the CBs and drive them back.  

Kalvin Daniels gets in the game wearing Ellerbe's #33.  I really like Daniels and hope he gets to see some playing time this fall.  He reminds me of Jason Johnson for some reason and I was VERY high on what JJ did for the Dawgs as far as lockerroom leadership goes.  

Cox goes again into the flat and Fred Munzenmier (sorry Abby if I spelled that wrong...she's his sister and former Redcoat) can't hang on.  Joe Cox is really going with some safe throws after trying to force the ball in to Figgins earlier.  For some reason the Black team has called a couple of timeouts on this possession after looking like they're completely lost in formation.  

Just a random observation, but the difference between our 1st and 2nd team offense is VERY noticeable, whereas our 1st and 2nd team defense seems to be not such a huge dropoff.  I honestly think that's a good thing.

After getting everyone on the same page, the toss goes to Caleb King, who again looks good.  That kid is a lot bigger than I originally thought.  He's got a Jarius Norwood type build to him.  King gets the handoff again and spins someone completely out of their shoes to get about 6 yards.  King is looking really good today and people are reacting to watching him run.  

Akeem Hebron gets the fumble after the QB/Center exchange goes awry (uh oh...) and takes it down the field until Joe Cox takes him to the ground.  Cox got a nice ovation for getting in there and not giving up.

Logan Gray comes in the game and tosses to Knowshon who tries to show off.  He only gets about 2 yards though.  Gray goes deep and Asher Allen gets an interference call on him after some bumping in the endzone.  Honestly, I think it was a little overthrown, but Asher did do a little too much bumping downfield.  Asher's pissed about the call, but not as pissed as he's going to be when Willie gets into him about it.

Richard Samuel comes into the game and Asher sticks him good on an open field tackle.  It amazes me how big Samuel is for only 17 years old.  Timeout called.  

Going on about Samuel, he is a specimen.  That kid is big and quick.  No wonder he is talked about so much.  

After the timeout, Gray throws in the flat to the fullback and Rennie Curran sticks him pretty good.  Our defense is SICK with speed.  It's insane.  Gray goes on the keeper and would've had the TD, but the play is blown dead.  

Gray throws a BULLET to Michael Moore who catches his second TD of the day.  Gray made an excellent throw.  I have a feeling that Gray may see a lot more playing time this year than people think.  Michael Moore is good, but he's really just doing what he's supposed to do.  The QBs are making it very easy for him.  Not taking anything away from Moore though.

Cox brings the Black back out and dumps it to the FB who gets about 5 yards.  Still seeing really safe throws from Cox.  I'd like to see him air it out some if possible.  Another pass and it's an out route to Israel Troupe.  Cox is looking fundamentally sound and definitely knows the offense.

Cox throws to Walter Hill who is tall as sh*t.  Hill looks up late and can't make the grab.  Handoff goes to Kalvin Daniels and the O-line disintegrates again and the defense makes the stop. 

Honestly, I'm worried about this O-line.  

Cox throws back to Kalvin Daniels on third down who gets LEVELED by John Knox.  That was a GREAT hit by Knox, who I've heard is a good hitter as it is.  Drew Butler comes out to kick and the punt was an ugly one.  I think it just went off the side of his foot, but it had no hang time at all.

Joe Cox comes out and throws to Kenneth Harris, who was supposed to not play today, but oh well.  Harris is getting talked to on the sideline, like "you're not supposed to do that."

Stafford's back in at QB and hands to Moreno, but the play is a false start.  Moreno jabs at Curran who lets him know that if Moreno had caught it, his ass would be on the ground.  Stafford then throws incomplete to Durham, who I'm not sure if he fell down or if Stafford was off, but they just didn't hook up.  

Screen pass caught with one hand by Moreno.  He then makes Asher miss and then picks p the first down.  Michael Moore then catches a nice pass from Stafford.  We're putting together a nice drive here.  I just watched the next play from Stafford (incomplete to Moore) and he's getting a little bit better blocking up front. 

Stafford throws it up the middle to Aaron White, who gets it and comes down with it.  It was a nice throw by Stafford and we've got 5 seconds left in the half.  Looks like we're going to go for a Hail Mary since it's too far for a FG.

They went for an out route instead of the Hail Mary, but it was incomplete.  Brian Behr is coming out to attempt a 52 yarder.  

Behr nails it from 52 yards.  Again, no rush, but a helluva kick.  Probably would've been good from 55.  

First half thoughts coming up next.

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