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Saturday, April 05, 2008
Walk-on Nick Franks leads the QBs out for the Black team.  Richt is in the booth with the guys.

Dontavious Jackson gets two handoffs.  The first, goes no where, but the second gets a nice 6 yard gain.  He's quick, but not very big.  He needs some S&C.  Josh Bagby, a FB, gets the handoff and goes no where.

Drew Butler is going to come out and kick.  Drew gets off a kick after a high snap (he's dead on a rush) and the kick is ugly again.  Fabris looks pissed about it too.  

Gray comes back out for the Red team.  Samuel gets the carry, but it looks like a hold on the O-line will bring the run back.  Richt gives Samuel some props for his weight room warrior attitude.  Jarius Wynn drags down Samuel on the handoff.  Wynn is looking great today.

Logan on the keeper and gets about 20 yards.  He's a quick kid.  It was the first time today to really see him run and he made the most of it.  

Jamie Lewis gets the carry, but gets licked by Chad Gloer.  I'm really surprised by Richt's knowledge of the walk-ons.  Most coaches (and I'm talking about you Bobby Bowden) wouldn't even bother with getting to know these kids, but Richt is all over it.

Some Center talk and it sounds like they want Ben Jones to step up and become the Center so that C. Davis can go back to his natural position.  Mimbs comes out and kicks and nails it.  He's looking good.

Stache!!!!  Jonathan De'Laruel (sp?) comes out mustache and all.  He neglects to pull the trigger and gets sacked.  The good news is he had some decent time back there to throw.  Again, Stache has tons of time to throw the ball and forgets again.  

Jamie Battson (??) takes over the Red team offense and hands off to Samuel.  

That's the end of the 3rd quarter.  Here's some thoughts:

  • Butler has got to get it together in the kicking game.  Mimbs is solid as a rock though and whoever is snapping the ball to him has been right on the money.
  • Stache is hesitant to pull the trigger because this is the first time he's ever had the chance to.  It'd be nice to see him get a chance to throw, but it's all on him to do it.
  • The O-line looked a little better on both sides of the ball.  They protected much better.
4th Quarter Highlights next.

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