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Saturday, April 05, 2008
Battson for the Red team throws it DEEP to Vernon Spellman.  Battson threw the hell out of that ball and Spellman didn't come up with the catch.  Damn that was a nice throw.

Mimbs kicks again and lets another good one go.  

I wonder what one-legged walk-on will get to throw for the Black team.  Seems like they're just tossing guys in there now.  Actually, Cox comes back in at QB.  Looks like the Black team is getting ready to try and make a run at the score.

Cox gets a screen pass to King who gets tripped up.  King wanted to score on that one, you can tell, but it was a nice trip up by Vance Cuff.  If I'm the Black team coach, I'm getting King the ball again.

They tried to again and Justin Houston gets the QB sack.  Butler kicks again and actually gets a decent one off.  I'm sure Fabris will still tear into his ass when he gets the chance.

The Red is going to take over the ball again who is going to try and run the ball out for some steak.  With a 17-3 lead, I got a feeling this one is pretty wrapped up, so hopefully we can see some O-line and RB action.  

Interview with Brannan Southerland went well.  He'll be back by fall.  

Handoff to Richard Samuel gets about 5 yards.  Pretty good blocking out front.  Another run by Samuel and another chance to see a nice hole made by the O-line.  Not sure how many starters for the defense are still playing, but the O-line is getting the best of them right now. 

Samuel gets another carry.  It's kind of funny how much harder the defense tries to hit the freshmen when they touch the ball.  If you're a senior, it's your job to break these guys in.  Corvey Irvin gets pulled offside and I think Bobo's going to take a shot here.  He has that look on his face.  

3 WR set.  Gray is back and tosses it deep to Kenneth Harris, who couldn't make the catch.  Told ya so.  If the opposing team kept an eye on Bobo, they'd know what he was calling every time.

Kalvin Daniels gets the toss and gets about 15 yards.  It was a very nice run by Daniels who didn't quit at all and showed great patience.  After the run, Chad Gloer gets another chance and sacks Gray after the pocket collapses on the blitz.  

Gray on the keeper and he gets tagged and then gets TAGGED by a defender.  Whoever #43 is really nailed him and will probably catch an earful when the time comes.  Gray goes deep again to Michael Moore and it gets broken up in the endzone.  Another nice pass, though.

Frank Ros gets in front of the microphone and does a little bit of talking about Bryce Ros, who I'm very excited about.  He's got a frame on him and could do a lot for us.  

Scary moment for big Vince Vance who is down right now with a knee problem.  He doesn't look to be too hurt.  Richt is out there with the trainers checking on big VV.  VV isn't putting any weight on it, so I'm not sure how hurt he is, but he wasn't on the ground too long.  Just from seeing guys pull an ACL/MCL, they're usually down for a little longer, so hopefully it's not too bad.

Stache is back in for the Black team and throws the the Red team.  John Knox gets the pick and seals it up for the Red team.  

Knowing Bobo, they're going to try and score on this possession.  Well, Bobo actually just runs it out with Samuel and Daniels.  The Red team chalks up another victory against the Black team.  

Final thoughts coming up.

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