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Saturday, April 05, 2008
Well, another G-day in the books and here's what we have:

  • First, how big is that Abry Jones commitment?  In my eyes, he was one, if not the, top target for us in '09.  To lock him up and have him be 100% committed is huge.  Coach G is out of sight.  
  • We need a little more work on the O-line.  Those guys are fighting hard, but they're just not gelling quite yet.  Athletically, they're beasts, but technique wise, they're just not there yet.  I think the right side is a little better than the left, but I could be wrong on that.  
  • The D-line, conversely is MUCH improved.  They are fast, big, and mean.  I'm really excited about our front 7 and I think you should be as well.
  • Stafford's technique has definitely improved.  That goes for the other QBs as well, but Stafford showed some really nice things out there both fundamentally as well as his touch on the ball.  He's really starting to be the QB we expect him to be.
  • Logan Gray really impressed me.  His speed is undeniable, but his ability to throw the ball is impressive as well.  He's a LOT like DJ Shockley.  
  • All the RBs look good.  I'm surprised I didn't see more of Dontavious Jackson, who I'm sure that right now is a redshirt waiting to happen.  Samuel looks great physically and once his technique catches up, he'll be a monster.  I can't say enough about Kalvin Daniels as a running back.  The kid is playing football for free and playing the hell out of it.  
  • Caleb King deserves his own bullet.  That kid is going to be a nice change-of-pace back for us, even though I never thought he'd be that different from Knowshon.  King is not quite as smooth or fast, but he's got great patience and moves and a lot of power.  He's a very strong runner.
  • The WRs look good, even though their hands are quite as sure as I thought they'd be.  Michael Moore looks good and Kenneth Harris does as well, even though Harris was not as healthy or played as much as Moore.  Once Mo Mass gets back on the field, we're going to be dangerous deep.  
  • I think our Secondary is good, but could probably use a little more work.  Asher Allen looks to be this year's Kelin Johnson, even though I'd prefer the leadership to come from the Safeties because that's what has worked over the past few years.  
All in all, I think we're a good looking team trying to find this year's rallying force.  Once we get that down, we'll be bad ass.  Are we a Nat'l Championship team yet?  Not quite, but the talent is definitely there.  We just gotta get focused.

Hope you guys enjoyed all this.  Thoughts?  Disagreements?  What did you get out of this year's G-day?


Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the blog brother dawg!

I think you were the only blogger covering it. I looked all over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Can you be more specific about the O-lines technique problems are, or did they get dominated and your trying to sound like you know what your talking about.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the live blogging - it's nice since I couldn't get the game being out of town.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Does Prince Miller scare anyone? He's inconsistent and I believe Michael Moore beat him on the first touchdown pass yesterday. I also can't get the imagine of the Auburn RB running him over at the 3yard line last year.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think the only thing that is a little debatable is King: I honestly think he might be a little quicker than Moreno, especially getting to the outside.