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Saturday, April 05, 2008
First, a quick interview with DJ (who is probably my favorite Dawg of all time).  He's the honorary coach for the red team.  No questions to DJ about his NFL career.  That kind of pisses me off.  I'm really interested to see what's going on with him.

Then they interview Kevin Butler, coach of the Black team.  Butler tells us what we all figured anyway; that we need some help in the kicking game.  

I'm pissed about not getting an update about Shockley.  Damn it.

Anyway, some first half observations.

  • We are just not there on the O-line.  I really believe Richt when he's said he doesn't feel that we're where we need to be.  Thankfully, this is spring and we have plenty of time to get it together, but we've got to get after it better in the trenches.  The talent gap between the first and second team is HUGE and we've got to get after it during the summer.
  • Stafford and Moreno both look good and our WRs on the first team have some sure hands.  Moreno is not as jaw-dropping as you would think, but he's still got that electricity about him where you hold your breath every time he touches the ball.
  • We look solid in the front 7 on defense.  Especially in the trenches, we're quick and create a lot of havoc.  Damn we're deep on defense.  The 2nd team looks good too and I can't say enough about our LBs.  I think we're a little thin in the secondary as far as playmakers go since we've been burned a couple of times, but I'd say our defense could keep up with at least 80% of the teams in the nation RIGHT NOW.  Who knows how much better we could be by the fall.
  • Kicking wise, we don't look bad at all.  Our punting isn't as solid as we'd like, but on FGs, we've got some legs out there.  
3rd Quarter coming up.

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Blogger Matt T said...
I'm with you, that was really strange they didn't ask DJ about The Falcons at all.